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Acute erythroleukemia.


SEE: -emia.


(ar′āt″ĕd) [Gr. aēr, air] Containing air or gas.


(ar″ā′shŏn) 1. Act of airing. 2. A process in which carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged between the pulmonary blood and the air in the lungs. 3. Saturating or charging a fluid with gases.


(er′ē-ăl) [aero- + -al] 1. Pert. to or occurring in air. 2. Airborne.

aero-, aer-

[Gr. aēr, air] Prefixes meaning air or gas.


(ar″ō-al′ĕr-jen) [aero- + allergen] A particle of dust, pollen, or powder that stimulates an immune response in a sensitive person.


(ar′ōb″) [aero- + Gr. bios, life] A microbe that is able to live and reproduce in the presence of oxygen.

facultative a. A microorganism that prefers an environment devoid of oxygen but has adapted so that it can live and reproduce in the presence of oxygen.

obligate a. A microorganism that can live and reproduce only in the presence of oxygen.


(ar-ō′bik) [aerobe + -ic] 1. Taking place in the presence of oxygen. 2. Pert. to an organism that lives and reproduces in the presence of oxygen.


(ar″ō-dī-nam′iks) [aero- + dynamics] The science of air or gases in motion. aerodynamic, adj. aerodynamically (-i-k(ă-)lē), adv.


(ar″ō-em′bŏ-lizm) [aero- + embolism] A condition in which nitrogen bubbles form in body fluids and tissues due to an excessively rapid decrease in atmospheric pressure, occurring either during ascent to high altitudes or in resurfacing from deep-sea diving or in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

 SYMPTOMS: Symptoms include a boring, gnawing pain in the joints, itching of skin and eyelids, unconsciousness, convulsions, and paralysis. Symptoms are relieved by recompression, i.e., return to lower altitudes or placement of the patient in a hyperbaric pressure chamber. Even though oxygen by masks may be available, ascents above 25,000 ft should be avoided except in aircraft with pressurized cabins. SEE: hyperbaric chamber.


(ar″ō-jen′ĕ-sis) [aero- + -genesis] Formation of gas. aerogenic, aerogenous (ar″ō-jen′ik, ar″oj′ĕ-nŭs), adj.


(ar-om′ĕ-tĕr) [aero- + -meter] A device for measuring gas density.


(a(-ĕ)r″ō-mō′năs) A genus of gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, non–spore-forming, motile bacilli found in water and soil. It may cause wound infections or gastroenteritis, e.g., ...

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