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acute urethral syndrome

Syndrome experienced by women, marked by acute dysuria, urinary frequency, and lack of significant bacteriuria; pyuria may or may not be present. The cause is unknown, but it is important to determine whether a specific bacterial infection of the bladder or vagina is present to ensure that appropriate drugs are given as needed. The syndrome is referred to colloquially as “honeymoon cystitis” because it may occur during periods of increased sexual activity.

PATIENT CARE: A history of the illness, including events that increase or decrease symptoms, is obtained. The degree and nature of the patient’s pain, its location and possible radiation, and its frequency and duration are ascertained. The patient is instructed in the procedure for collecting a clean-catch, midstream urine specimen and is prepared for vaginal examination. If a bladder or vaginal bacterial, fungal, or protozoal infection is diagnosed, prescribed treatment measures are explained and demonstrated.


(ā″sī′klĭk, sik′lik) [a- + cyclic] 1. Without a cycle. 2. In chemistry, aliphatic.


(as′ĭl, ēl″, ā′sĭl) [ac(id) + -yl] General formula RC=O; in organic chemistry, the radical derived from an organic acid when the hydroxyl group (OH) is removed.


(as′ĭ-lāt″) [acyl] To incorporate an acyl (alkanoyl) group into a chemical compound. acylation (as″ĭ-lā′shŏn), n.


(ā″sis′tē-ă) [a- + cyst- + -ia] Congenital absence of the bladder.


(ā″sis″tĭ-nĕr′vē-ă) [a- + cysti- + L. nervus, nerve + -ia] Defective nerve supply to or paralysis of the bladder. SYN: acystineuria.


(ā″sis″tĭ-noor′ē-ă) Acystinervia.


[L. ad, to] Prefix indicating adherence, increase, toward, e.g., adduct.


[L. ad, to] Suffix meaning toward or in the direction of, e.g., cephalad.


[L.] auris dextra, right ear.


American Dental Association; American Diabetes Association; American Dietetic Association; Americans with Disabilities Act.


American Dental Assistants Association.


Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.


(ad′ă-sel″) Tetanus toxoid, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis, adsorbed vaccine.

adactylia, adactylism, adactyly

(ā″dak″tĭl′ē-ă, ā-dak′tĭ-lĭzm, -lē) [a- + dactyl-] Congenital absence of digits of the hand or foot.


(ad″al-im′ŭ-mab″) A monoclonal antibody used to treat psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis, and ankylosing spondylitis. Its trade name ...

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