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(ak″nē-jen′ik) [acne + -genic] Causing acne.

acneiform, acneform

(ak-nē′ĭ-form″, ak-nē′form″) [acne + -form] Resembling acne.


(ăk-nē′mē-ă) [a- + Gr. knēmē, lower leg + -ia] Wasting of the calves of the legs.


American College of Nurse-Midwives.


American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


(ak′ŏ-nīt″) [Gr. akoniton, wolfsbane] The dried tuberous root of Aconitum, esp. A. napellus (monkshood) and A. lycoctonum (wolfsbane); a poisonous alkaloid that may cause life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Aconite is believed to have been used as an arrow poison early in Chinese history and perhaps also by the inhabitants of ancient Gaul. It was also used as an herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine.


(ă-kon′ĭ-tēn″, -tĭn) [aconite + -ine] C34H47NO11, a poisonous white crystalline alkaloid that is the active ingredient in aconite.


(ā″kor′-ē-ă) [1an- + Gr. korē, maiden, pupil of the eye + -ia] Absence of the pupil of the eye.


Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education.


(ă-kooz″măt-ăm-nē′zē-ă) [Gr. akousma, something heard + amnesia, forgetfulness] Inability to recall and identify sounds.


(ă-koos′tĭk) [Gr. akoustikos, pert. to hearing] Pert. to sound or to the sense of hearing.

acoustic apparatus

Auditory apparatus; the anatomical structures essential for hearing.

acoustic area

A part of the brain that lies over the vestibular and cochlear nuclei.

acoustic cluster therapy

The use of ultrasonic energy to activate microscopic droplets that transiently disrupt the blood-brain barrier, allowing medications to permeate through it.

acoustic reflectometry

Diagnostic technique for the detection of middle ear effusion. It measures the level of sound transmitted and reflected from the middle ear to a microphone located in a probe tip placed against the ear canal and directed toward the tympanic membrane.


(ă-koos′tiks) [acoustic] The science of sound, its production, transmission, and effects.

acousto-, acoust-, acous-

[Gr. akoustikos, pert. to hearing, fr. akouein, to hear] Prefixes meaning hearing.


acid phosphatase; advance care planning; American College of Pathologists; American College of Phlebology; American College of Physicians; American College of Prosthodontists.


Accreditation ...

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