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(ă-kownt′) [Fr. acompte, aconte, acunte, a reckoning] 1. In business, finance, and banking, a relationship between a client and an institution for provision of regular transactions and other services to the client. 2. In business, finance, and banking, the money deposited by a client for provision of regular transactions and other services. 3. In business, finance, and banking, a detailed chronological listing of transactions for the client.

health savings a. A savings account in which deposits may accumulate tax-free and be used as self-financed health insurance to pay present or future medical expenses. SYN: medical savings account.

itemized a. In health care, an account for professional services in which all medicines, materials, and therapies supplied are itemized. It is customary for an account managerto provide an itemized account if the client asks for one.

medical savings a. Health savings a. accountability (ă-kownt″ă-bil′ĭt-ē) Responsibility of health care professionals for their decisions, judgments, and acts.


American College of Chest Physicians.


(ă-kre″ĭ-tā′shŏn) [L. accredere, to give credence to] Formal recognition by an impartial body that an educational faculty or health care institution has met established quality benchmarks. In the U.S. there are two types of educational accreditation: institutional and specialized. The former recognizes the institution for having facilities, policies, and procedures that meet accepted standards. The latter recognizes specific programs of study within institutions for having met established standards.


(ă-krē′sh(ē-)ō) [L. growth] Adhesion of parts normally separate from each other.


(ă-krē′shŏn) [accretio] 1. An increase by external addition; accumulation. 2. The growing together of parts naturally separate. 3. Accumulation of foreign matter in a cavity. accretionary (-shŏ-ner″ē), adj.


(ă-kŭl″chŭ-rā′shŏn) The process by which a member of one culture assumes the values, attitudes, and behavior of another. acculturate (ă-kŭl′chŭ-rāt″), v. acculturational (ă-kŭl″chŭ-rā′shŏ-năl), adj. acculturative (ă-kul′chŭ-rāt″iv), adj.


(ă-kūm′yŭ-lāt″) [L. accumulare, to pile up] 1. To grow in number or mass. 2. To store or incorporate.


(ak′yŭ-pril″) Quinapril.


(a″kyŭ-ră-sē) [L. accurare, to take care of] 1. The ratio of the error of measurement to the true value. 2. The state of being free of error. 3. The sum of the true-positive and true-negative test results, divided by the total number of tests performed.

ACD sol

Citric acid, trisodium citrate, dextrose solution; an anticoagulant used in collecting blood.


Adriamycin (doxorubicin), cyclophosphamide, etoposide (a regimen of chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat small cell lung ...

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