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(ă-būs′dē-tĕr′ĕnt) [L. abusus, wasting, misuse] [L. deterrere, to frighten away, deter] Manufactured to reduce the likelihood of misuse. Said of certain patent medications, e.g., opioids, which might otherwise be used nontherapeutically.


(ă-bŭt′mĕnt) [Fr. abouter, to place end to end] 1. A structure that provides support for fixed restorations and prosthetic devices. 2. In dentistry, natural teeth or implants serving to support fixed restorations (bridges or prosthetic devices).


A(driamycin), b(leomycin), v(inblastine), and d(acarbazine), a combination of chemotherapeutic agents for treating Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


(ab′zīm″) [ab, abbr. for antibody + (en)zyme] A monoclonal antibody that acts as a catalyst. SYN: catalytic antibody; catmab.

A/B testing

An experiment in which the performance of two slightly different versions of a thing are compared to each other.


acromioclavicular; adrenal cortex; air conduction; alternating current; anodal closure; axiocervical.


apical four-chamber view.


[L. -acus, Gr. -akos, adj. suffix] 1. A variant of the suffix -ic, used with Greek nouns whose stems end in -i, e,g., cardiac, from cardi- and maniac, from mani-. 2. In pharmacology, a suffix designating an anti-inflammatory drug derived from acetic acid.


L. ante cibum, before meals.


(ă-kā′shă) [L. acacia fr. Gr. akakia, Egyptian thorn] 1. Any of a large genus of trees (Acacia) native to the warm regions of the world. 2. Gum arabic.

gum a. Gum arabic.

academic dishonesty

Intentional participation in deceptive practices in one’s academic work or the work of others. Examples include cheating, fraud, plagiarism, or falsification of research results.

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

ABBR: ABM. An international professional association of physicians who promote, study, and support breastfeeding and maternal lactation.


(ā″kal-kū′lē-ă) [a- + L. calculare, to reckon] A learning or speech disorder characterized by the inability to perform simple arithmetic operations.


(ă-kamp′sē-ă) [a- + Gr. kamptein, to bend] Inflexibility of the joints of a limb; rigidity; ankylosis.


(ă-kan′thă) [Gr. akantha, thorn] 1. The spine. 2. A vertebral spinous process.


(ă-kan″thă-mē′bă) [acanth- + amoeba] A genus of amoeba, found in soil and fresh water. Some species are opportunists that cause infections in humans and other animals, e.g., granulomatous amebic encephalitis. SEE: granulomatous amebic encephalitis...

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