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Chapter 6: Cardiovascular System

Which of the following disorders does not involve an interference in blood flow?

a. ischemia

b. myocardial infarction

c. mitral stenosis

d. arrhythmia

Which of the following does not involve the heart rhythm?

a. V-tach

b. PAC

c. V-fib

d. TIA

Which of the following abbreviations stands for the name of a chamber of the heart?

a. BP

b. EKG

c. RA

d. PCP

All the following refer to a part of the heart except:

a. RA

b. RV

c. MI

d. LV

Which of the following may cause temporary stroke-like symptoms?

a. CHF

b. TIA

c. LA

d. CPR

Which of the following abbreviations represents a test or procedure?

a. MR

b. INR

c. bpm

d. MVP

Which of the following abbreviations represents a type of heart disease?

a. DVT


c. PT

d. PVC

Which of the following is a type of heart-rhythm abnormality?

a. cardiomyopathy

b. atrial fibrillation

c. murmur

d. thromboangiitis obliterans

Coronary artery disease includes which of the following components?

a. murmur and bruit

b. atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis


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