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This fifth edition welcomed new contributors to review and update the anatomy chapters with fresh eyes. Much appreciation is extended to imaging colleagues Kimi Yamada and Mike Rosenthal, from whom I continue to learn from daily. Additionally, Lance Mabry brought his joyful passion for MRI and all things imaging to the table. Rolando Lazaro teamed up with researcher Toran MacLeod and educator Sherman Auyeung to advance the spine chapters. And Richard Cahanin and Troy Burley gave the final chapter on integration a comprehensive and timely revision. These excellent physical therapists have polished the content and helped move the text forward to another generation of students.

As always, grateful appreciation is extended to my colleague Hilmir Agustsson for sharing his ideas, enthusiasm, and labor of love for teaching imaging. Since the second edition, his four chapters have tackled difficult material with clarity. His contributions in this text and in his own university courses have brought advanced imaging principles to the next generation of students with authority. This authority can only come from a love of anatomy, of technology, and of the infinite complexity of patient problems.

The edition stands on the foundation provided by contributors to earlier editions. Many radiologists have helped make this text an asset to physical therapy education. Foremost, I am forever grateful to musculoskeletal radiologist Michael Mulligan for providing images, review expertise, and wise counsel over the years and multiple editions.

Many thanks to several other radiologists, surgeons, physicians, and physical therapists for providing patient images and words of wisdom over the years, including Charles W. Etter, Lewis Nettrour, Arthur Nussbaum, Peter Fedyshin, Jeffrey Towers, Lance Cohen, and Stephanie Fitzsimmons, all of Pittsburgh, and Margie Brindl, retired administrator of undergraduate medical education in radiology at the University of Pittsburgh. Further from home are the beloved cardiologist Francis Golier of New York; J. B. Barr and his Creighton University students in Nebraska; Alex Freitas and John C. Hunter of California; Laughlin Dawes of Australia; Cliff Spohr, A. Graham-Smith, and John Lin of Florida; Mariano Rocobado of Brazil; Corlia van Rooyen of New Zealand; and Nick Oldnall of England. The radiology departments of North Hills Passavant Hospital with Sarah Hample, RT, and Butler Memorial Hospital with Linda Barto, RT, and Libby Carlini, RT, made the acquisition of normal radiographs and patient positioning photography possible. And the exceptional Ellen J. Pong is to thank for her research, Focus On papers, and Glossary compilations.

Thank you to the dedicated staff at F. A. Davis, and especially to Margaret Biblis, Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Pine, Senior Sponsoring Editor, and Elizabeth Stepchin, Content Project Manager, for their expertise, diplomacy, and sense of humor during the long journey of five editions.

Heartfelt thanks to my family. To my parents, Francis and Berniece Nowicki, for a lifetime of love and support in all endeavors and for pointing me toward physical therapy in the beginning. And to Jesse and Ann, for their happy spirits, love, patience, and unflagging belief that Mom’s book is pretty neat. Jesse’s beautiful pencil drawings have again been carried forward to this edition’s chapter title pages. These drawings depict people engaged in everyday activities and exude a warmth that reminds us imaging begins and ends with the patient. Ann was the model of good cheer as she put up with being the poked and prodded positioning model in a long photo shoot. Many thanks to her uncle, the photographer, Mark Konezny, for his sense of perfection through the lens. And thanks to my best friend and husband, Dave, who taught me how to teach, how to write, and how to achieve. His most tangible contribution to the book was drawing the original line art. These drawings simplified difficult material and greatly enhanced the practical use of the text. His most intangible contribution was in giving me the belief in myself that I could write it.


This book is dedicated with love to my Mom, who finds joy in her work to my Dad, who takes pride in his work to my husband, Dave, who lives his work and to our children, Jesse and Ann, for whom I wish all these things.

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