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The production of Meeting the Physical Therapy Needs of Children is truly a collaborative team effort. Collaborative teamwork is a hallmark of pediatric physical therapy, and it certainly was evident in the writing of each new edition. Not only is there now a new co-editor, but there are new authors who joined the team that include Lynn Jeffries, Tricia Catalino, Caroline Colvin, Julie Lee, Susan Smith, Kim Wynarczuk, Keith May, Katrina Budzynski, Madalynn Wendland, Diana Harrison, Jamila Aberdeen, Amanda Porter, Julie Skrzat, Kelly Rock, Katy Eichinger, Laura Kuranda, Karen Tartick, Colleen Coulter, Barbara Sargent, and Nicole Smelser. They represent geographic diversity, and their expertise crosses a wide range of pediatric physical therapy practice. Their service to the profession and the children we serve is what drives these outstanding authors, certainly not the minimal remuneration!

The authors have done an amazing job integrating all of the new literature into a manageable publication. Each of the systems chapters could be a text by themselves, so the authors are commended for keeping this publication from getting unwieldy. Being concise is very difficult. Invaluable assistance with new photos was provided by Nancy Cicirello, PT, EdD. Jessica Raspen, PT, DPT, Board-Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist at the University of Kentucky provided the new evaluation video.

The individuals at F. A. Davis Company have been there throughout the publication process. Margaret Biblis, Jennifer Pine, and Megan Suermann have been incredibly supportive with their time and interest. There are certainly more people to thank, and we send apologies to those inadvertently left out.

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