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It is my honor, on behalf of Dr. Michael Lewek and myself, to dedicate the sixth edition of Joint Structure and Function to our colleague and my friend, Dr. Cynthia Norkin. Dr. Norkin passed away shortly before its publication. She and I both joined the faculty of the Physical Therapy Program at Boston University, Sargent College of Allied Health (as it was called then) in 1973. After co-teaching Functional Anatomy for several years with a packet of mimeographed course materials, it was Dr. Norkin's vision to turn these materials into a textbook. She convinced me (the harder sell) and FA Davis, Publishers (the easier sell) of the need at a time when there were few allied health texts on the market. The first edition came out several years later. In 1984, Dr. Norkin became the founding Director of the Physical Therapy program at Ohio University where she remained until her retirement in 1995. She and I continued our close and productive collaboration through the second through fifth editions. Although health issues limited her participation in the development of the sixth edition at the same time that Dr. Lewek joined the editorial team, she remained an active and enthusiastic supporter. I am forever indebted to Dr. Norkin for pushing me into a project that I would never have undertaken on my own initiative. Joint Structure and Function strongly influenced my own professional journey; far more importantly, the text influenced the professional journey of more than 100,000 students through the years. Her legacy and influence live on.

Pamela K. Levangie

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