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We created this book as a learning tool for physical therapy students and clinicians who want to become evidence based practitioners. It can also serve as a tool for more experienced physical therapists who want to continue to improve their knowledge and skills as evidence based therapists. Evidence Based Physical Therapy, second edition, features improved clarity and depth of the important topics that support students and clinicians to become evidence based practitioners. The textbook continues to provide a succinct, straightforward presentation of the important concepts, with updated resources for further study. Assignments for students are now included in each chapter, with separate links to online resources. With this book, you can develop skills to search the literature for the best and most applicable research for your patients and critically appraise this literature for quality and clinical application. We have updated chapters on the use of current technology and forms of communication in order to support realistic practice in the busy clinical workplace.

The five steps of evidence-based practice are illustrated in the chevron figure used throughout this book. These five steps are: identify a question, search, appraise, integrate and evaluate. Sections of the chevron figure are used within chapters to orient the reader to the topics covered in that section while reminding the reader of the place of the content in the five steps that are used by an evidence-based practitioner.

This book is the product of reflection on the first edition and comments from users and of our years of teaching evidence based practice (EBP) to physical therapy students, physical therapists, and faculty. Our teaching has taken many forms, including online, classroom, and laboratory settings and through institutes organized specifically for faculty who teach EBP to physical therapists. During this process, we asked for and received feedback from many students and colleagues. This feedback was critical to our new edition; the book has been greatly improved as a result. We owe thanks to the anonymous reviewers who were solicited by F. A. Davis. Their thoughtful and thorough reviews were valuable to our process.

Writing a book is a lot of work over an extensive period. One sure way to complete a book is to be passionate about the subject and, more important, to be passionate about not just teaching the subject but also learning the subject. We are both. In addition, it helps to have a sense of humor. In fact, a sense of humor helps everything in life, particularly those aspects that are a lot of work over an extensive period. Our passion for teaching and learning has always been complemented by our humor, enjoyment of the content and process, and respect for and enjoyment of each other. We wish you a successful journey toward becoming an evidence based physical therapist.

Linda Fetters
Julie Tilson

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