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Teaching and learning are a constant dynamic. My dedication is to the world’s most dynamic teacher both in the classroom and in life, my husband Mike Fetters; to all the students and colleagues who continue to give me feedback about best teaching, including my co-author Julie Tilson, and to my sons Seth and Zachary, who taught me how to learn.


Life is neither in the wick nor in the wax, but in the burning. My dedication is to those who light may way in life: to my husband, Donovan Steutel, without who’s unwavering support and guidance I’d lose my way; my daughter, Skye, who reminds me every day that life is amazing and precious; my students who never fail to inspire me as they kindle their own professional paths; my colleagues who provide endless support and friendship; my co-author, Linda Fetters, who’s guidance throughout my career has been immeasurable; and to my parents and siblings who remind me to trust my own light and believe in myself.


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