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ABCs A quick overall assessment completed by emergency responders on the scene of an accident or medical emergencies that focuses on the airway, breathing, and circulation of a patient.

Absorption In the context of digestion, the movement of products of digestion into the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This occurs through the process of diffusion through the membranes of the intestines.

Accelerations (accels) Increases in the fetal heart rate as compared with the baseline. This normally occurs when the fetus moves, and it is to be expected.

Accompanied by A medical expression that is used to describe how one symptom, illness, or process often includes or goes along with another; they are found together.

Acetabulum The part of the pelvic bone that is shaped like a saucer and that provides a socket for the head of the femur.

Acinar cells Exocrine cells that secrete enzymes.

Active immunity A state of immunity that does not come naturally, also known as acquired or adaptive immunity.

Acute appendicitis A life-threatening emergency situation in which the appendix is inflamed and may burst.

Addiction A physical or emotional dependence on a harmful or toxic drug, substance, person, or behavior.

Adenoids A mass of lymphoid tissue that sits at the nasopharynx, near the uvula at the back of the oral cavity.

Admission record A patient's biographical information, as well as his or her immediate assessment and treatment at the time of admission to hospital.

Adverse effects In the context of pharmacology, side effects that are actually harmful, even when a drug is taken in its normal, appropriate dose.

Affect The expression of emotions, emotional response, and mood.

Ageism Discrimination against, stereotyping of, or stigmatization of older adults.

Agent Term meaning the means or the cause of something.

Aging The natural process of growing older.

Air-shields manual breathing unit (AMBU) A bag that forces air into a patient's lungs to sustain brain vitality (life) by compressing and decompressing the AMBU bag that is attached to an airway valve placed over the patient's nose and mouth.

Alae nasi The fleshy external structures that flare open for breathing and that close to protect the nasal cavity.

Albumin A protein found in blood that helps to maintain blood pressure and blood volume.

Alimentrary Descriptor meaning food, nutrition, or the digestive tract itself.

Allergen Any substance that triggers an allergy response.

Allergy An immune response to a foreign antigen that leads to inflammation, organ dysfunction, or both; a hypersensitivity or an inability to tolerate exposure to an allergen.

Allergy response A hypersensitive reaction ...

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