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Focus: Female Reproduction

Patient Update


Mrs. Glory Loeppky has been assessed in the emergency department of Fayette General Hospital. She has been treated for a deep laceration to her left thigh, and she received a number of sutures to close the wound. She also has a spica cast on her left thumb and hand as treatment for an ulnar collateral injury to the thumb. The attending physician, Dr. Abrams, has contacted an obstetrician, Dr. Bedard, because Glory is 7½ months pregnant and she and the baby are under stress as the result of a motor vehicle accident (see Chapter 3). The two physicians decided that because of her pregnancy, Glory should be admitted to the antepartum unit for observation and ongoing fetal assessment for the next 24 hours. Glory has just been admitted to that unit and is speaking with the nurse.


"Hello, Mrs. Loeppky. I'm Laura, your nurse here. How are you feeling right now?" She inquired, gently touching the patient's hand.

"Oh, please call me Glory. Do you know where my husband is? I need to see my husband. The nurse in the ER said he's at another hospital. Why is that? Is he badly injured? Can you help me find out? Please, I need to know about Gil," replied Glory, her eyes filling with tears.

"Glory, everything's all right now. Please take a deep breath with me," said Laura. "That's it, deep breath in and out. Good," she said. "Yes, I understand from your chart that your husband was with you today and that you were both in a car accident. And yes, he's at another facility. He's at Okla Trauma Center, but I don't have any information about him. Our medical social worker is trying to find out more for you, and we'll let you know as soon as we can." The nurse went on to explain to Glory the importance of focusing on the here and now: on her own health and that of her baby.

"Yes, I am worried about my baby," said Glory. "But the doctors said I wasn't in labor and that the baby was okay. Isn't that true? I'm really not sure why I'm here in this unit. Isn't this where you go to have your baby?"

Laura explained why Glory had been admitted to the antepartum unit and the importance of monitoring both her and her unborn child's health status. Laura said, "I know you're worried about a lot of things right now, but I'm going to try to help you keep as calm as possible so we can get some good assessments from our monitors." Glory nodded. "You're in very good hands here," said Laura. "You've been assigned to Dr. Bedard, and she's an excellent obstetrician. She'll be in to see you in awhile. Rest assured, as soon as we find out anything about your husband, we'll let you know. Now, did you give someone in Admissions the name ...

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