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Focus: Muscular System


Glory Loeppky is a 32-year-old married woman. Her husband is Gil Loeppky. Mrs. Loeppky is currently 7½ months pregnant. This is the couple's first baby, and they are very happy about it. Mrs. Loeppky works as a receptionist at a local business. Today, she's been in a motor vehicle accident.

Mrs. Loeppky cannot remember all of the details of the accident. However, she recalls vaguely that the door to the truck fell open. She got out, and she called for Gil. She saw that he was unconscious and bleeding, still behind the wheel. She hurried to her husband's side of the cab, having to go around a power pole embedded in the front of the vehicle. She reached his door and tried to open it. She desperately wanted to pull Gil to safety, but she couldn't do it. She remembers suddenly crying out in pain. The next thing she knew, she was sitting on the grass near the truck. Someone was sitting at her side and had wrapped a blanket over her shoulders. A man in a uniform was talking to her, and eventually she was put on a stretcher and taken away from the scene in an ambulance.

The paramedic of Ambulance NM421 deemed Mrs. Loeppky to be a Level 2 priority for care. Through Emergency Dispatch, the nearest appropriate facility was found and Mrs. Loeppky was transported to Fayette General Hospital for urgent care. On arrival, she would receive further medical assessment and treatment. Her priorities of care were determined as a deep left leg laceration and a possible fracture to her left hand. In addition, the status of her fetus would be monitored and the potential for labor and delivery assessed.

Patient Update

"Ma'am, how are you doing?" asked a physician as Mrs. Loeppky was wheeled into the emergency room. Mrs. Loeppky was sitting up in a semi-Fowler's position, and she could see the busy department. Beside her, an emergency medical technician and his partner were pushing the stretcher.

"Um, I don't know. Am I okay? Is my baby okay? Where's Gil?" Mrs. Loeppky looked around. She saw that a nurse had joined them and noticed that the nurse's nametag read "Teresa, LPN." Mrs. Loeppky asked, "Nurse, where is my husband? Do you know? Is Gil okay?"

"Gil's her husband," interjected a paramedic. "He's gone to Okla Trauma Center. This is Glory Loeppky. She's 7½ months pregnant. Incontinent at the scene. No evidence of labor. Fetus's vitals seem okay. Deep laceration to upper left thigh. Tourniquet in place. BP is high, and so is pulse: thready and tachycardic at 108. Resps are quick but not abnormally so for the situation. Pain and localized swelling to left thumb. Might be a fracture. Appears to have fainted at the scene. Out × 3 or 4 minutes according to a bystander who stopped to help her. No evidence of head trauma. Oriented × ...

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