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  1. Define the following skill-related components of fitness: balance, coordination, power, speed, agility, and reaction time.

  2. Explain the five basic concepts and principles associated with skill-related training.

  3. Describe the components of a sports conditioning training program.

  4. List the components of a comprehensive training program that integrates the skill-related components of fitness with other modalities of training.

  5. Describe key techniques to proper form for a variety of drills that improve balance, power, speed, agility, and quickness.


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  • Ben is a strength and conditioning coach for a Division III football team in a small college town. He holds a certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been working toward his master's degree. His goal is to start his own business providing sport-specific training to athletes and fitness enthusiasts in the community.

    After earning his degree, Ben retains his job with the football team and begins offering small-group training sessions in the evenings. Among his first clients are Ryan, Parker, and Antonio, three friends who are in excellent physical condition and who play together in a recreational soccer league.

    What aspects of athletic performance should Ben focus on when training his new clients?

  • During his first sessions with Ryan, Parker, and Antonio, Ben learns that they met while competing on the cross-country running team in high school and have maintained their high level of fitness by maintaining their running program. They also reveal that, although they clearly have excellent cardiovascular conditioning levels, they have never performed any type of sport-specific training or received any real soccer coaching.

    Ben discusses with them the physical requirements of the game, which include coordination, power, speed, and agility, in addition to the ability to perform long-duration cardiovascular exercise. Ben decides to focus on helping Ryan, Parker, and Antonio develop these skills, while allowing them to continue with their running program on their own.

  • Ben uses a variety of training modalities and tools, ranging from agility ladders and wobble boards to balance and power training, to address the various needs of his new clients. The program also addresses reaction time and the ability to quickly change directions and accelerate and decelerate safely and effectively. Ryan, Parker, and Antonio were initially surprised to learn how many aspects of physical fitness were involved with playing soccer, as they had thought their endurance would be enough to allow them to excel at the game. That said, the three friends soon see dramatic improvements in their performance during games and refer some of their teammates to Ben's business.


Skill-related training, a long-standing training modality for improving sports performance, has recently emerged as a popular ...

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