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This book has been in the development stage for more than 10 years! The large expanse of time required for its creation is related in part to the challenge of integrating the thoughts and vision of each contributor into one cohesive theme and is in part due to an attempt to remain true to the book's objective as the definitive resource on OMPT. The concept for the book arose in the spring of 2003, when I was teaching an elective course on OMPT for the first time to third-year physical therapy doctoral students. It became immediately apparent that there was no text that focused on developing students with the ability to make clinical decisions regarding the implementation of an eclectic skill set of manual techniques within the context of a comprehensive physical therapy plan of care. A course manual was developed to supplement the course, which led to the submission of a book proposal and, after many years of writing and re-writing, the eventual completion of what you now hold in your hands.

The hard work and dedication of each contributor to this process and each contributor's passion for advancing the cause of OMPT was an encouragement to me during the long hours of writing and editing. To my past and future students and patients, you have inspired, motivated, and taught me what it is that you actually need rather than what it is that I think you need. This book was written with you in mind. This project would not have come to completion had it not been for the patience, dedication, commitment to excellence, and did I mention patience, of the F.A. Davis team including Margaret Biblis, Melissa Duffield, and the best Developmental Editor I could have ever hoped for, Jennifer Pine, for her coaching throughout the “birthing process.” A very special thanks and all of my love to Jodi, Hilary, Jordyn, Nick, and Jordan for their support of this project, their commitment to the long hours of photos and video, and for their eternal patience. WE did it! There is no meaning in this without you!

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