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Jenner, Edward

(jen′ĕr) Brit. physician, 1749–1823. Jenner observed that those exposed to cowpox, such as milkmaids, would develop cowpox (vaccinia) and then be immune to smallpox. From this observation he developed a vaccine from cowpox lesions, which provides immunity to smallpox.

Jenner stain

(jen′ĕr) [Louis Jenner, Brit. physician, 1866–1904] Eosin methylene blue stain, used for staining blood.

Jerusalem syndrome

(jĕ-roo′să-lĕm) A temporary or permanent delusional disorder following a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, characterized by extreme religious preoccupations or the belief that the pilgrim has become the embodiment or incarnation of an important biblical character.


A sudden pulse or burst of gas or liquid, e.g., the rapid flow of blood through a heart valve during systole. jet, v.

jet lag

An upset of a person's internal biological clock, caused by the difference between the time of that person's present location and the time to which he or she is accustomed, and occurring in people traveling across several time zones in a short period.

Jeune syndrome

(zhen) [Mathis Jeune, Fr. pediatrician, b. 1910] A rare autosomal recessive form of dwarfism, accompanied by severe narrowing of the thoracic skeleton. SYN: asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy.


A mechanical device used to maintain a stable, correct relationship between a piece of work and a tool, or between components during assembly.


(jig′ĕr) SEE: chigger.

Jimson weed

(jĭm′sŏn) Stramonium.

Jobe test

Empty can test.

Jobst pressure garment

(jōbst) An elastic garment fabricated to apply varying pressure gradients to an area. It may be worn over severely burned areas for the purpose of reducing hypertrophic scarring as wounds heal or may be used to prevent or control lymphedema in the arms or legs.

Job syndrome

(jōb) [Job, biblical character] Recurrent staphylococcal infections of the skin related to impaired immune defenses.

Jocasta complex

(jō-kas′tă) [Jocasta, a character in Greek tragedy who was the wife and mother of Oedipus] The psychological or emotional fixation of a mother toward her son. SEE: Oedipus complex.


Running for enjoyment or to maintain physical fitness. In contrast to running, jogging is not a competitive exercise and is performed at a submaximal intensity.

Johanson-Blizzard syndrome

Blizzard syndrome.

John Doe, Jane Doe

1. In law, a fictitious name used when that of ...

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