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(in″tră-ves′ĭ-kăl) [intra- + vesical] Within the urinary bladder.


(ĭn″tră-vī′tl) [″ + vita, life] During life. SYN: intra vitam.

intra vitam

(ĭn′tră vī′tăm) [L.] Intravital.

intravitreal, intravitreous

(in″tră-vi′trē-ăl, in″tră-vi′trē-ŭs) [intra- + L. vitreus, glassy] Within the vitreous body of the eye.


(ĭn-trĭn′zĭk) [L. intrinsicus, on the inside]1. Belonging to the essential nature of a thing. It is both essential and natural, not merely apparent or accidental. SYN: inherent; innate. 2. In anatomy, structures belonging solely to a certain body part, as intrinsic nerves or muscles. 3. Due to causes or elements within the body, an organ, or a part.


[L. intro, internally, on the inside] Prefix meaning in or into. SEE: intra-.


(ĭn″trō-dūs′ĕr) [L. intro, into, + ducere, to lead] Intubator.


(ĭn″trō-flĕk′shŭn) [″ + flexus, bent] A bending inward.


(in-trō′ĭt-ŭs) pl. introitus [L. introitus, entrance, entryway, passage] An opening or entrance into a space or cavity.

i. vaginae The exterior orifice of the vagina.


(ĭn″trō-mĭsh′ŭn) [″ + mittere, to send] An insertion or placing of one part into another, esp. insertion of the penis into the vagina.


(ĭn-trō-mĭt′ĕnt) Conveying or injecting into a cavity or body.


(ĭn′trŏn) The noncoding space between the discrete coding regions (exons) of the DNA of the gene.


(in″trŏ-spek′shŏn) [intro- + L. spicere, to look] Looking within, esp. examination of one's own feelings and thoughts.


(in″trŏ-vĕr′shŏn, in″trŏ-vĕr′zhŏn) [intro- + L. versio, a turning] 1. Turning inside out of a part or organ. 2. Preoccupation with oneself.


(in′trŏ-vĕrt″) [intro- + L. vertere, to turn] 1. A personality-reaction type characterized by withdrawal from reality, fantasy formation, and stress on the subjective side of life adjustments, seen pathologically in extreme form in schizophrenia. 2. To turn one's psychic energy inward upon oneself. 3. A quiet, reserved person. introverted (in′trŏ-vĕrt″ĕd), adj.


(in′too-bāt″, in′tŭ-bāt″) [1in + L. tuba, a tube] To insert a tube into a body part, as into the larynx or trachea.


(in″too-bā′shŏn, in″tŭ-bā′shŏn) The insertion of a ...

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