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(ĭn-fōld′ĭng) Process of enclosing within a fold; an operation formerly employed in the treatment of stomach ulcer in which the walls on either side of the lesion are sutured together.

informal care

SEE: under care.


(ĭn-fŏr-măt′ĭks) [Translation of Russian informatika] The theory, science, and practice of the use of computer and informational technologies to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data.

health care i. The study of how health care data, information, knowledge, and wisdom are collected, stored, processed, communicated, and used to support the process of health care delivery to clients, providers, administrators, and organizations involved in health care delivery. It is an interdisciplinary science developed from the integration of information science, computer science, cognitive science, and the health care sciences.

medical i. Informatics applied to medical knowledge, practice, management, education, and research. This process includes computer technology, internet access, and electronic applications and devices.

nursing i. Informatics applied to nursing science to manage, process, and analyze nursing data, information, and knowledge to support the practice of nursing and the delivery of patient care.


(in″fŏr-mā′shŏn) [L. informatio, idea, conception] 1. Data that are interpreted, organized, structured, and given meaning. 2. A message from a sender to one or more receivers.

information bias

The mistaken use of information that has no value in making clinical decisions. It is based on the incorrect belief that more information, even irrelevant information, must always be acquired before making a decision.

information system

1. Any structure or device that converts data input from diverse systems into outputs such as reports and screen displays. 2. An automated or manual system that comprises people, machines, and/or methods organized to collect, process, transmit, and disseminate data that represent user information.


[L. infra, below, underneath] Prefix meaning below; under; beneath; inferior to; after.


(in″fră-klă-vik′yŭ-lăr) [infrac- + clavicular] Below the clavicle.


(in-frak′shŏn) [L. infractio, breaking into pieces, weakening] 1. An incomplete fracture of a bone in which parts do not become displaced. 2. A violation of accepted health care laws, practices, or rules.


(ĭn″frăk′chĕr) [Abbrev. of in(complete) fracture] The removal of nasal bones medially (inward), e.g., to narrow a widened nose.


(in″fră-dŭk′shŏn) [infra- + duction] Downward rotation of the eye.


(in″fră-glot′ik) [infra- + glottic] Below the glottis.

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