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infantile acropustulosis

(ak″rō-pŭs″tyŭ-lō′sĭs) [acro- + pustulosis] Cyclical eruption of pustules on the soles and feet of infants 2 to 10 months of age. The pustules become vesicopapular, crust over, and heal in 7 to 10 days. A new crop appears in 2 to 3 weeks, and they also heal. Periodic outbreaks occur for about 2 years and then cease. The cause is unknown; only symptomatic therapy is required.


(in′făn-tīl″izm) [infantile + -ism] 1. A condition in which the mind and body make slow development and the individual fails to attain adult characteristics. It is characterized by mental retardation, stunted growth, and sexual immaturity. 2. Childishness.

infant respiratory distress syndrome

Respiratory distress syndrome of the preterm infant.


(in′farkt″, in-farkt′) [L. infarctus, stuffed] An area of tissue in an organ or part that undergoes necrosis following cessation of the blood supply. This may result from occlusion or stenosis of the supplying artery or, more rarely, from occlusion of the vein that drains the tissue.

anemic i. An infarct in which blood pigment is lacking or decoloration has occurred. SYN: pale i.; white i.

bland i. An infarct produced by ischemia.

cerebral i. A stroke resulting from blockage of the carotid or intracerebral arteries by clot or atherosclerosis.

cicatrized i. An infarct that has been replaced or encapsulated by fibrous tissue.

hemorrhagic i. Red i.

infected i. Infarcted tissue that has been invaded by pathogenic organisms. SYN: septic infarct.

lateral medullary i. Wallenberg syndrome.

pale i. Anemic i.

red i. An infarct that is swollen and red as a result of hemorrhage. SYN: hemorrhagic infarct.

septic i. Infected i.

uric acid i. An infarct in the kidney caused by obstruction of the renal tubules by uric acid crystals.

white i. Anemic i.


(in-fark′shŏn) [infarct] Death of tissue caused by deprivation of its blood supply.

aborted myocardial i. Reperfusion of an occluded coronary artery before damage is done to the muscle that receives blood from that artery.

acute myocardial i. ABBR: AMI. A myocardial infarction occurring when circulation to a region of the heart is obstructed and necrosis is occurring.

atherothrombotic brain i. Thrombotic stroke.

cerebral i. SEE: cerebral infarct.

lacunar i. A small stroke deep within the brain (as in the internal ...

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