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implant radiation therapy



(ĭm-plĭ′sĭt) [L. implicare, to enfold, to involve] 1. Implied. 2. Contained inside something.


(ĭm-plō′zhŭn) A violent collapse inward.

i. flooding A method of treating a phobia by systematically exposing the affected person to his greatest fear. The phobic situation is imagined first and, after the person becomes partly desensitized to it, experienced in reality. The fear is experienced at maximum intensity for up to an hour until the patient is no longer capable of experiencing further fear. SEE: phobic desensitization.


(ĭm-pŏn′dĕr-ă-bl) [L. in-, not, + pondus, weight] Incapable of being weighed or measured.

impotence, impotency

(im′pŏt-ĕns, im′pŏt-ĕn-sē) [impotent] A weakness, esp. pert. to the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection. SYN: erectile dysfunction. SEE: penile prosthesis; sex therapy; sexual dysfunction; sexual stimulant.

TREATMENT: Sildenafil, alprostadil, and several other drugs are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Penile vacuum pumps and penile prostheses are among the nonpharmacological alternatives.

psychogenic i. Impotence caused by emotional factors rather than organic disease. SYN: psychic i.

vasculogenic i. Impotence due to an inadequate supply of arterial blood to the corpora cavernosa of the penis.


(ĭm′pō-tĕnt) 1. Unable to copulate. 2. Sterile; barren. 3. Lacking effectiveness.


(ĭm-prē-sĭ′shŭn) The amount or degree of random error in an assay, research study, or calculation, usually represented by the standard deviation, coefficient of variation, or range.


(ĭm-prĕg′nāt) [L. impregnare, to make pregnant] 1. To render pregnant; to fertilize an ovum. 2. To saturate.


(im″preg-nā′shŏn) [impregnate] 1. Fertilization of an ovum. SYN: fecundation. 2. Saturation.


(im-presh′ŏn) [L. impressio, a pressing into] 1. A hollow or depression in a surface. 2. An effect produced upon the mind by external stimuli. 3. The imprint of all or part of the dental arch, individual teeth, or cavity preparations, made with appropriate dental materials and used to make records or dental protection devices, or to prepare for restorative procedures.

clinical i. The diagnosis that a health care providers judges most likely to fit the patient's presenting signs and symptoms.

final i. An impression used for making the master cast for a dental prosthesis.

impression material

Any of a variety of deformable materials for making a negative reproduction of oral structures. Some common impression materials ...

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