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(il′ē-ăk) 1. Ileal. 2. Pert. to the ileus.


(il′ē-ăl) [ileum + -ac] Pert. to the ileum. SYN: ileac.

ileal conduit

SEE: under conduit.

ileal pouch anal anastomosis

A reservoir constructed in the terminal ileum of patients who have undergone colectomy, designed to create fecal continence. The pouch may be sewn or stapled together in a J-, W-, or S-shape. The procedure is complicated by inflammation ("pouchitis") in about 50% or by stricture formation in about 10% of patients.


(il″ē-īt′ĭs) [ileum + -itis] Inflammation of the ileum. The most common cause is Crohn disease. SEE: Crohn disease; inflammatory bowel disease.

SYMPTOMS: Patients may have pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen, often with diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and fevers. The stool may contain pus, blood, or mucus.

backwash i. Ileitis in which the contents of the colon flow backward into the last segment of the small intestine. It can occur in ulcerative colitis and is a risk factor for colon cancer.

regional i. Crohn disease.

ileo-, ile-

[L. ile, ileum, ilium, pl. ilia, area of the abdomen from the lowest rib to the pubes; flank, groin] Prefixes meaning ileum. Ileo- and ile- usually refer to the last part of the small intestine (ileum). SEE: ilio-.


(il′ē-ō-sē′kăl) [ileo- + cecal] Pert. to the ileum and cecum.


(ĭl″ē-ō-sē-kŏs′tō-mē) [″ + ″ + Gr. stoma, opening] The surgical formation of an opening between the ileum and cecum.


(il″ē-ō-kol′ik) [ileo- + colic (2)] Pert. to the ileum and colon.


(ĭl″ē-ō-kō-lī′tĭs) [″ + ″ + itis, inflammation] Inflammatory bowel disease.


(ĭl″ō-kō″lŏn-ŏs′kō-pē) [″ +″] Endoscopic examination of the distal gastrointestinal tract, including the rectum, colon, and terminal ileum.


(ĭl″ē-ō-kō-lŏs′tō-mē) [″ + ″ + stoma, mouth] An anastomosis between the ileum and the colon.


(ĭl″ē-ō-kō-lŏt′ō-mē) [″ + ″ + tome, incision] An incision of the ileum and colon.


(ĭl″ē-ō-sĭst′ō-plăs″tē) [″ + Gr. kystis, bladder, plassein, to form] The use of an isolated ileal segment to increase the size of the bladder.


(ĭl″ē-ō-sĭs-tŏs′tō-mē) [″ + ″ + stoma...

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