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(hō′mŏ-graft″) Allograft.


SEE: homeo-.


(hō″mō-lăt′ĕ-răl) [homo- + lateral (1)] Ipsilateral.

homolog, homologue

(hom′ŏ-log″) [Gr. homologos, agreeing, of one mind] 1. An organ or part common to several species. 2. Something that corresponds to a part or organ in another structure. 3. In chemistry, any member of a series that resembles the other members in action and general structure but has a constant compositional difference such as a methyl, CH3, group.


(hŏ-mol′ŏ-gŭs) [Gr. homologos, agreeing, of one mind] 1. In biology, similar in origin and structure but different in function, such as the forelegs of a quadruped, the arms of a human, and the wings of a bird; or a penis and a clitoris. SEE: analogous. 2. In genetics, having the same genes or alleles with loci usually in the same order.


(hŏ-mol′ŏ-jē) [Gr. homologos, agreeing, of one mind] In biology, similarity in structure or origin but difference in function. SEE: analogy.


(hō-mŏn′ō-mŭs) [″ + nomos, law] Pert. to parts arranged in a series that are similar in form and structure, as metameres of a segmented animal or the fingers and toes of a mammal.


(hō-mon′ĭ-mŭs) [homo- + Gr, onyma, name] 1. Having the same name. 2. In ophthalmology, similarly positioned, e.g., in the same visual field.


(hōm′ŏ-fōb″) One who has a phobia of or an aversion to homosexuals.


(hōm″ŏ-fō′bē-ă) [homo- + -phobia] A phobia of or aversion to homosexuals.


(hō″mō-plăs′tĭk) [″ + plassein, to form] Having a similar form and structure.

homoserine lactone

(hō″mō-sĕr′ēn lăk′tō″n) A signaling chemical used by gram-negative bacteria in quorum sensing.


(hōm″ŏ-sek′shoo-ăl) [homo- + exual] A person who has sexual interest in or sexual intercourse exclusively with members of his or her own sex.


(hōm″ŏ-sek″shoo-al′ĭt-ē) A condition in which the libido is directed toward one of the same sex.


(hō″mō-te′tră-mĕr) [homo- + tetramer] A structure such as a molecule or a polymer made of four identical parts.


(hō′mŏ-thĕrm″, hom′ŏ-thĕrm″) [homo- thermo-] Homeotherm. homothermal (hō″mŏ-thĕr′măl), adj.


(hōm″ō-tŏp′ĭk) [″ + topos, place] Occurring at the same site on the body.


(hō″mō-trăns″plăn-tā′shŭn) [″ + L. trans, across, + plantare, to plant] Allotransplantation.


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