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(hē′măl) 1. Pert. to the blood or blood vessels. 2. Pert. to the ventral side of the body, in which the heart is located, as opposed to the neural or dorsal side. SYN: hemad; hemic.


(hĕ-măn′jē-ō-blăst) [″ + ″ + blastos, germ] A mesodermal cell that can form either vascular endothelial cells or hemocytoblasts.


(hĕ-măn″jē-ō-blăs-tō′mă) [″ + ″ + oma, tumor] A hemangioma of the brain, usually in the cerebellum. SYN: angioblastoma.


(hĕ-măn″jē-ō-ĕn″dō-thē″lē-ō-blăs-tō′mă) [″ + ″ + endon, within, + thele, nipple, + blastos, germ, + oma, tumor] A neoplasm of the epithelial cells that line the blood vessels.


(hē″man-jē-ō-en″dō-thē-lē-ō′mă) [hem- + angioendothelioma] A tumor of the endothelium of the minute capillary vessels. It varies in size and is commonly seen in the capillary net of the meninges.

Kaposiform h. ABBR: KHE. A rare vascular tumor, resembling a hemangioma. Like the hemangiomas in Kasa-bach-Merritt syndrome, it can cause coagulopathy associated with severe reductions in circulating levels of platelets.


(hē-man″jē-ō′mă , hē-man″jē-ō′mă-tă) pl. hemangiomata [hem- + angioma] A benign tumor found on the skin or in an internal organ, composed of dilated blood vessels, and often encapsulated within a fibrous shell. SYN: cavernous h. SEE: illus.





cavernous h. Hemangioma.

infantile h. A dull red benign lesion, usually present at birth or appearing within 2 to 3 months thereafter. This type of birthmark is usually found on the face or neck and is well demarcated from the surrounding skin. It grows rapidly and then regresses. It is caused by a proliferation of immature capillary vessels in active stroma. SYN: strawberry h.; strawberry mark; strawberry nevus (2).

 TREATMENT: Propranolol (a beta-blocking drug given orally) effectively treats more than half of patients. If removal is necessary, plastic surgical excision using the carbon dioxide, argon, or potassium titanium oxide phosphate laser is effective in ablating this lesion.

image The use of laser treatment necessitates observance of all laser safety precautions.

lobular capillary h. A fleshy, polypshaped hemangioma that may develop at the site of a wound. It bleeds easily and is usually tender.

strawberry h. Infantile h.


(hē-măn″jē-ō-mă-tō′ sĭs) [″ + ″ + ″ + osis, condition] Multiple angiomata of the blood vessels.


(hĕ-măn″jē-ō-pĕr″ĕ-sī-tō′mă) A tumor arising in the capillaries, composed of pericytes.



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