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(gam′ēt) [Gr. gametē, wife, gametēs, husband, from gamein, to marry] A mature male or female reproductive cell; the spermatozoon or ovum. SYN: sex cell. gametic (gă-met′ik), adj.


(gă-mĕ′tō-sīt) [″ + kytos, cell] 1. A cell of the ovary or testis that will divide to produce an ovum or spermatozoa. 2. A stage in the life cycle of the malarial protozoon (Plasmodium). Ingested human blood cells taken up by the Anopheles mosquito release gametocytes, which develop into mature sex cells called gametes.


(gam″ĕt-ŏ-jen′ĕ-sĭs) [gamete + genesis] Development of gametes; oogenesis or spermatogenesis.


(gă-mēt′ŏ-fīt″) [gamete + phyto-] In plants, the sexual (gamete-producing) generation that alternates with the asexual (spore-producing) generation.


(gam′ă) 1. Γ or γ, the uppercase and lowercase symbols, respectively, for the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. 2. In chemistry, the third of a series, e.g., the third carbon atom in an aliphatic chain. 3. Symbol for microgram; immunoglobulin.

gamma camera

A scintillation detector used in nuclear medical imaging to detect the release of radioisotopes taken up by diseased and healthy body tissues.

gamma glutamyl transferase, γglutamyl transferase

ABBR: GGT. An enzyme present in the liver and biliary tree that is used to diagnose liver, gallbladder, and pancreatic diseases. Elevated levels of GGT are often found in people who use drugs (such as alcohol) that are metabolized by the liver.

gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, γ-glut-amyl transpeptidase

(gam′ă-gloot′ă-mil″ trans-pep′tĭ-dās″, gam′ă-gloo-tam′ĭl) SEE: gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase.

gamma-hydroxybutyrate, gamma-hydroxy butyrate

(gam″ă-hī-drok″sē-būt′ĭ-rāt″) ABBR: GHB. A central nervous system depressant used in some countries as an anesthetic agent. It has no approved use in the U.S., where it is sometimes abused as an illicit drug or used in date rape. Its street names include grievous bodily harm, liquid ecstasy, and organic quaalude.


(găm-ŏp′ă-thē) Any disease in which serum immunoglobulins are increased, such as multiple myeloma, benign monoclonal gammopathy, and cirrhosis.

gamo-, gam-

[Gr. gamos, marriage] Prefixes meaning sexual union or union, joining.


(găm′ŏnt) [″ + on, being] A sexual form of certain protozoa. SEE: gametocyte (2).


[Gr. suffix -gamia, fr gamos, marriage] Suffix meaning marriage, procreation, or a specific kind of reproductive organs.

gangli-, ganglio-

[L. ganglion fr. Gr. ganglion, tumor, cystic tumor] Prefixes meaning ganglion.


(găng′glē-ă) Pl. of ...

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