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A tea containing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunostimulatory chemicals. It is not approved as a treatment for cancer by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


(flor′ĭd) [L. floridus, blossoming] 1. Bright deep-red. The term describes skin coloration. 2. Complete or full-bodied, as in an illness that is in full flower.


1. A waxed or unwaxed tape or thread used to clean and remove plaque between teeth and below the gumline. SYN: dental f. 2. To use dental floss or tape to remove plaque and calculus from the otherwise inaccessible dental surfaces between teeth.

dental f. Floss (1).


[L. flos, flower] Finely ground meal obtained from wheat or other grain; any soft fine powder.


SEE: fluticasone.


1. Movement of a gas or liquid. 2. The act of moving or running freely.

laminar f. Laminar air flow.

peak f. The maximum volume of air that can be expelled from the lungs during a vigorous exhalation. The peak flow is measured in liters per minute (L/min). Its measurement is used to determine the degree of respiratory impairment in patients with obstructive lung diseases.

turbulent f. A movement of gas in disorderly currents, associated with high velocity and high density with increased tubing diameter.

flowchart, flow chart

(flō′chart″) Agraphic representation of the sequential steps in a technique or treatment. SYN: flow sheet.


(flō′mēt″ĕr) [flow + -meter] A device for measuring the movement of a gas or liquid. It is used esp. in monitoring the use of anesthetic gases. flowmetry, n.

flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery magnetic resonance imaging

ABBR: FAIR-MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging of an organ of the body, e.g., the heart or the brain, that allows visualization not only of the organ but also of the movement of body fluids such as blood or cerebrovascular fluid through it.

flow state

An altered state of consciousness in which the mind functions at its peak, time may seem distorted and a sense of happiness prevails. In such a state the individual feels truly alive and fully attentive to what is being done. This state is distinguished from strained attention, in which the person forces himself to perform a task in which he has little interest.


(flŏks-ŭr′ĭ-dēn) An antimetabolite used to treat solid cancers, e.g., adenocarcinomas.

fl. oz.

fluid ounce.

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