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finger spring

A device for assisting extension or flexion of finger joints.

finger sweep

Placing a finger in the mouth or pharynx of a person with an obstructed upper airway in an attempt to clear a visible foreign body from the airway. Blind finger sweeps, that is, using the hand to clear objects that are not seen, are not recommended.

image The examiner should wear a glove and use a crossed-fingers technique while attempting to clear foreign bodies from the upper airway because of the risk of injury to the hand from accidental biting by the patient.


The most distal segment of the finger, beyond the nailbed.

finger-to-finger test

A test for coordination of the movements of the upper extremities. The patient is asked to touch the tips of the fingers of one hand to the opposite fingertips.

finger-to-nose test

A test of cerebellar function wherein the patient is asked, while keeping the eyes open, to touch the nose with the finger and remove the finger, and repeat this rapidly. The test is done by using a finger of each hand successively or in concert. How fast and well this is done is recorded. This test assesses the function of the cerebellum.

finger trapping

Using an adjacent digit to provide passive range of motion to an affected (injured, paralyzed) digit.


An oral pharmaceutical to treat relapsing multiple sclerosis. Its trade name is Gilenya.


(fī′nīt″) [L. finitus, limited, bounded] Having limits or boundaries.

Finney pyloroplasty

(fin′ē) [John M.T. Finney, U.S. surgeon, 1865–1939] A side-to-side pyloroplasty in which a single incision opens the pyloric antrum and the proximal duodenum. The two organs are then connected via a U-shaped anastomosis. The procedure is used to treat gastric outlet obstruction.


fraction of inspired oxygen.


1. Flame that produces heat. 2. Fever.

St. Anthony's f. Former term for erysipelas.


(fī′ĕr-damp″) Methane, CH4, found in coal mines.


1. A set of programs that protects the resources of a private computer network from users of other networks. It screens the messages that attempt to enter or leave the network and permits or denies access to outside users based on pre-programmed rules. 2. In infectious diseases and public health, a group of vaccinated people whose immunity prevents the spread of a disease through the population at large.


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