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full body computed tomography.


Fellow of the College of American Pathologists.

Fc fragment

A small piece of an immunoglobulin (an antibody) used by macrophages in processing and presenting foreign antigens to T lymphocytes. SEE: immune response; macrophage processing.


fatal dose; focal distance.


Food and Drug Administration.




fibrin degradation products.


[L. ferrum, iron] Symbol for the element iron.


Anxiety caused by a perceived threat, real or imagined. Focused apprehension and fright. SEE: emotion; Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.


The form or appearance of something, esp. of the face or a part of the face.


(fĕb-rĭ-fā′shĕnt) [L. febris, fever, + facere, to make] Producing fever.


(fĕb′rĭ-fūj) Something that reduces fever. SYN: antipyretic. febrifugal, adj.


(fē′brĭl, fē′brīl, fĕb′rĭl) [L. febris, fever] Pert. to fever; feverish.

febrile state

A term used to describe constitutional symptoms that accompany a rise in temperature. The pulse and respiration rate usually increase, with headache, pains, malaise, loss of appetite, concentrated and diminished urine, chills or sweating, restlessness, insomnia, and irritability.


(fē′kăl) [fec(es) + -al] Pert. to feces. fecally (fē′kă-lē), adv.

fecal fat test

(fē′kăl) The measurement of the total quantity of lipids in a timed stool specimen, as a part of the evaluation of chronic diarrhea, esp. when fat malabsorption is suspected. The collected feces must not be contaminated by urine or by chemicals used in toilets. High levels of fecal fat, e.g., more than 14 g/day, suggest biliary, pancreatic, or small bowel disorders.

fecal immunochemical test

ABBR: FIT. A noninvasive test for the presence of occult blood in stools, used to screen for cancer of the colon. The patient collects a small amount of feces after a bowel movement and places it on a specimen collection card for evaluation by a clinical laboratory.


(fē′kă-lĭth) [″ + Gr. lithos, stone] A fecal concretion. SYN: coprol-ith.

fecal occult blood test

(fē′kăl) A screening test for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including anemias that may be caused by gastrointestinal blood loss, e.g., cancer of the colon. Traditionally, a small ...

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