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(ĕks-pī′ră-tor″ē) Pert. to expiration of air from the lungs.

expiratory pause time

ABBR: TEP. The interval between the end of one exhalation and the beginning of the next.

expiratory positive airway pressure

SEE: under pressure.

expiratory trigger sensitivity

The adjustment of a pressure-support breath to the neurally mediated end of expiration. This machine adaptation to the patient's respiratory efforts is a refinement of mechanical ventilation that decreases patient discomfort and the work of breathing.


(ĕk-spī′ĕr) 1. To breathe out or exhale. 2. To die.


(ĕks-plănt′) [″ + L. planta, sprout] 1. To remove a piece of living tissue from the body and transfer it to an artificial culture medium for growth, as in tissue culture. Opposite of implant. 2. To remove a donor organ for transplantation. 3. An organ removed for transplantation.


(ĕk-splĭs′ĭt) [L. explicare, to unfold, set forth] 1. Clearly and definitively stated. 2. Unequivocal.


(eks-plōd′) [L. explodere, to drive away by clapping the hands] 1. To release energy suddenly, as when a bomb detonates. 2. In epidemiology, to appear suddenly or have rapid onset. 3. To display a powerful emotion in words or deeds


[L. explorare, to search out] Examination of an organ or part by various means. exploratory, adj.


(ĕks-plor′ĕr) An instrument used in exploration, esp. a device used to locate foreign bodies or to define passageways in body sinuses or cavities.

dental e. A sharp-pointed instrument used to detect unsound enamel, carious lesions, or imperfect margins of restorations in teeth.


(ĕks′pō-nĕnt) In mathematics, the number that indicates the power to which another number is to be raised. It is written as a superscript, e.g., 102 or x2 indicates that 10 and x are to be squared, or multiplied by themselves. The exponent can have any numerical value and may be positive or negative; it does not have to be a whole number.

exponential phase bacteria, exponential-phase bacteria

The stage in the life of a bacterial colony when the colony is actively replicating. SEE: stationary phase bacteria.


1. To open, as in surgically opening the abdominal cavity. 2. To cause someone or something to lack heat or shelter. 3. To place in contact with an infected person or agent. 4. To display one's genitals publicly, esp. when members of the opposite sex are present. 5. To deliver an ...

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