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(ĕp″ū-lŏt′ĭk) [Gr. epoulotikos] Promoting cicatrization.


external quality assessment.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

ABBR: EEOC. A federal agency that enacts and enforces regulations that protect against discrimination in the workplace, esp. on the basis of age, gender, race, religious preference, or functional impairment.


(ĕ-kwā′zhŏn) [L. aequare, to make equal] 1. The state of being equal. 2. In chemistry, a symbolic representation of a chemical reaction. The equation includes symbols for the involved elements and/or compounds, and their molar ratios. By convention, the input (reactants) are listed on the left, and the products of the reaction are placed on the right. 3. A description of a mathematical relation between two or more constants or variables.

Arrhenius e. SEE: Arrhenius equation.

e. of motion A statement of the variables of pressure, volume, compliance, resistance, and flow for respiratory system mechanics.

Henderson-Hasselbalch e. SEE: Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.

personal e. A personal bias or peculiarity that may explain a difference in approach or interpretation.


[L. aequator] A line encircling a round body and equidistant from both poles. equatorial, adj.

e. of cell The boundary of a plane through which the division of a cell occurs.

e. of crystalline lens The line that marks the junction of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the crystalline lens. The fibers of the suspensory ligament are attached to it.

e. oculi An imaginary line encircling the eyeball midway between the anterior and posterior poles.


[L. aequus, equal] Prefix meaning equal.


(i-kwil′ĭ-brāt″ing) [L. aequilibrare, be in balance] Coming into a state of equilibrium.


(ē-kwĭl″ĭ-brā′shŭn) The modification of masticatory forces or occlusal surfaces of teeth to produce simultaneous occlusal contacts between upper and lower teeth, and to equalize the stress of occlusal forces of the supporting tissues of the teeth. SYN: occlusal equilibration.

occlusal e. Equilibration.


(ē″kwĭ-lib′rē-ŭm , ek″wĭ-ib′ rē-ŭm) [aequilibrium a level or horizontal position] A state of balance; a condition in which contending forces are equal.

Donnan e. SEE: Donnan equilibrium.

dynamic e. 1. The sense of balance while the body or head is in motion. This is maintained by coordinating data from postural (stretch) receptors in the limbs with data from the inner ear and cerebellum. 2. Homeostasis.

nitrogen e. Nitrogen balance.

nitrogenous e. Nitrogen balance.


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