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(en″dō-kard′ē-ŭm, en″dō-kard′ē-ă) pl. endocardia [endo- + -cardium] The endothelial membrane that lines the chambers of the heart and is continuous with the intima (lining) of the arteries and veins. It is a single layer of cells under which lie nerves, Purkinje cells, and veins.


(ĕn″do-sĕr″vĭ-sī′tĭs) [″ + ″ + Gr. itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the uterine cervix. It is usually caused by chlamydia, gonorrhea, or malignancy.


(en″dō-sĕr′viks) [endo- + cervix] The mucous membrane that lines the opening into the uterine cervix. endocervical (en″dō-sĕr′vĭ-kăl),adj.


(en″dŏ-kon′drăl) [endo- + chondral] Within a cartilage.


(en″dŏ-kor′ē-on″) [endo- + chorion] The vascular layer of the allantois; the inner chorion.


(en′dō-klip″) [endo(scopy) + clip] A two- or three-pronged device employed during endoscopy to suture two surfaces together.


(en″dō-kō-ag″yŭ-lā′ shŏn) Thermocoagulation.


(ĕn″dō-kō′dōn″) Oxycodone.


(ĕn″dō-kō-lī′tĭs) [″ + kolon, colon, + itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the mucosa of the colon. SEE: colitis.


(ĕn″dō-kor-pŭs′kū-lăr) [″ + L. corpusculum, small body (corpuscle)] Within a cell.


(en″dŏ-krā′nē-ăl) [endo- + cranial] 1. Within the cranium; intracranial. 2. Pert. to the endocranium.


(en″dŏ-krā′nē-ŭm) [endo- + cranium] The membrane lining the cranium of the cranium; the dura mater.


(en′dō-krīn″, en′dō-krin, en′ dō-krēn″) [endo- + -crine] Pert. to secreting macromolecules that secrete into the bloodstream to influence distant cells. Endocrine secretion is one of three general mechanisms (the others being autocrine and paracrine) by which ductless glands regulate or control the activities of cells. SEE: autocrine; paracrine.

endocrine disruptor

(dĭs-rŭp′tĕr) A chemical that may imitate or block the function of natural hormones if it is absorbed by the body. Many pesticides and plasticizing compounds, e.g., phthalates, are thought to disrupt endocrine pathways, esp. if they are absorbed by pregnant women during embryonic and fetal development.

endocrine-inactive tumor

SEE: under tumor.

endocrine regulation

The secretion of macromolecules, such as insulin, into the blood stream to regulate the activities of distant cells. SYN: endocrine signaling.

endocrine signaling

Endocrine regulation.

endocrine system

The ductless glands or the glands of ...

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