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(ĕn-sĕf″ă-lō-pī-ō′sĭs) [encephalo- + pyo- + -sis] An abscess of the brain.


(ĕn-sĕf″ă-lŏt′ō-mē) 1. Brain dissection. 2. Surgical destruction of the brain of a fetus to facilitate delivery.

-encephalus, -encephali

[L. encephalus fr. Gr. enkephalos, brain] Suffixes meaning (a fetus) having such a head.


(ĕn″kŏn-drō′mă) [Gr. en, in, + chondros, cartilage, + oma, tumor] A benign cartilaginous tumor occurring generally where cartilage is absent, or within a bone, where it expands the diaphysis. SYN: enchondrosis.


(ĕn-kŏn″drō-săr-kō′ mă) [″ + ″ + sarx, flesh, + oma, tumor] A sarcoma made up of cartilaginous tissue or growing within an enchondroma.


(ĕn-kŏn-drō′sĭs) [″ + ″ + osis, condition] A benign cartilaginous outgrowth from bone or cartilaginous tissue. SYN: enchondroma.


(ĕn′klāv) [Fr. enclaver, to enclose] A mass of tissue that becomes enclosed by tissue of another kind.


1. In genetics, to express or represent in genetic code (a string of nucleotide bases that can be translated into the amino acids that make up a protein). 2. In computer science and informatics, to program or represent computer instructions in software. 3. Of a communication, to put into a code in order to keep the content secret; encrypt.


(ĕn-kō-prē′sĭs) [″ + kopros, excrement] A condition associated with constipation and fecal retention in which watery colonic contents bypass the hard fecal masses and pass through the rectum. This condition is often confused with diarrhea.

encrust, incrust

(in-krŭst′) [L. incrustare, to cover with a rind or crust] To coat with a crust of debris, e.g., of lipids, proteins, salts, slime, or sugars.


(ĕn-krŭs-tā′shŭn) Obstruction of a body part or of a stent placed in the body with granulation tissue or calcified debris. The term is used in particular to refer to blockage of urethral stents.


(en-kript′) [Gr. kryptos, hidden] Of a message, to put into a code in order to keep the content secret; encode. encryption (en-krip′shŏn), n.


(en-krip′tĕd) 1. In biochemistry and physiology, functionally inactive. 2. In informatics, encoded.


(en-kŭl chŭ-rā′shŏn) The adjustment of a person to the norms and values of his or her own community.


(ĕn-sĭst′ĕd) [″ + kystis, bladder, pouch] Surrounded by membrane; encapsulated. SYN: saccate.


[AS. ende] A termination; ...

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