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electrolytes, indirect measurement of

Measurement of serum ions, such as sodium, chloride, and potassium, using a sample diluted before analysis. The method is prone to physiological error in patients with hyperlipidemia, myeloma, and other disturbances of plasma water concentration.


(ē-lĕk″tro-lĭt′ĭk) Caused by or rel. to electrolysis.

electrolytic conduction

The passage of a direct current between metallic electrodes immersed in an ionized solution. In metals, the electric charges are carried by the electrons of inappreciable mass. In solutions, the electric charges are carried by electrolytic ions, each having a mass several thousand times as great as the electron. The positive ions move to the cathode and the negative ions to the anode.


(ē-lĕk″trō-măg′nĕt) [″ + magnes, magnet] A magnet consisting of a length of insulated wire wound around a soft iron core. When an electrical current flows through the wire, a magnet is produced. electromagnetic, adj.

electromagnetic field

SEE: under field.

electromagnetic induction

SEE: under induction.

electromagnetic spectrum

The complete range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. SEE: table.

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Electromagnetic Spectrum
Frequency (Hz) Type of Radiation Wave-length (cm)
1022 10−12
Gamma rays
1019 10−9
1016 10−6
Ultraviolet radiation
1015 10−5
Visible light
1014 10−4
Infrared radiation
1013 10−2
Submillimeter waves
1012 10−1
109 10
Television and radio waves
104 106


(ē-lĕk″trō-măg′nĕ-tĭzm) Magnetism produced by an electric current.


(ē-lĕk″trō-mō′tĭv) [″ + L. motor, mover] Pert. to the passage of electricity in a current or motion produced by it.


(ē-lĕk″trō-mī′ō-grăm) [″ + mys, muscle, + gramma, something written] The graphic record of resting and voluntary muscle activity as a result of electrical stimulation.

electromyographical technician

A technician who assists the neurologist in recording and analyzing bioelectric potentials that originate in muscle tissue. This includes the operation of various electronic devices, maintenance of electronic equipment, assisting with patient care during testing, and record keeping.

electromyography, electroneuromyography

(ē-lĕk″trō-mī-ŏg′ră-fē) [″ + ″ + graphein, to write] ABBR: EMG. The preparation, study, and interpretation of electromyograms that record the electrical activity of selected skeletal muscle groups while at rest and during voluntary contraction.

PATIENT CARE: The test determines whether a person's perceived muscle weakness is caused by a disease within the muscle or by a problem in a nerve supplying ...

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