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due date

In obstetrics, the date a baby is expected to be born SEE: estimated date of delivery.


driving under the influence of intoxicants (alcohol or drugs).

Dukes classification

(dooks, dūks) [Cuthbert E. Dukes, Brit. pathologist, 1890–1977] A system of classifying the extent of spread of adenocarcinoma of the colon or rectum.


[ME. dul] 1. Not resonant on percussion. 2. Not mentally alert.


In clinical diagnosis, a lack of normal resonance on percussion.

shifting d. A mobile area of decreased resonance found during percussion of a body part as the body changes position. The finding suggests that fluid is contained within a body cavity and that it moves with gravity.


Lacking the power or faculty of speech. Dumb is no longer used for human beings unable to speak but only for animals, as in dumb animal, beast, dumb brute. Moreover, dumb has acquired the sense stupid, which is plainly offensive. dumbness, n. SEE: mute.


1. In medical care, the practice of transferring a patient who is unable to pay for care to a hospital that accepts such patients. 2. The abandonment of infirm patients in health care facilities.

dumping syndrome

A syndrome marked by weakness, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, and, occasionally, fainting, occurring after a meal in patients who have had gastric resections. The exact cause is unknown, but rapid emptying (dumping) of the stomach contents into the small intestine is associated with the symptoms. Consuming sugars may make symptoms worse. Eating small meals or lying down after eating may afford some relief.


(doo″ŏ-dēn′ăl, doo-od′ĕn-ăl) Pert. to the duodenum.


(dū″ō-dĕn-ĕk′tă-sĭs) [″ + Gr. ektasis, expansion] Chronic dilatation of the duodenum.


(dū″ō-dĕn-ĕk′tō-mē) [″ + Gr. ektome, excision] Excision of part or all of the duodenum.


(dū″ŏd-ĕ-nī′tĭs) [″ + Gr. itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the duodenum, usually resulting from Helicobacter pylori or the use of alcohol, tobacco, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

duodeno-, duoden-

[L. duodeni, twelve-inch-long intestine] Prefixes meaning duodenum.


(dū″ō-dē″nō-kō-lĭ-sĭs-tŏs′tō-mē) [″ + Gr. chole, bile, + kystis, bladder, + stoma, mouth] Surgical formation of a passage between the duodenum and the gallbladder. SYN: duodenocystostomy.


(doo-od″ĕn-ō-kŏ-led″ŏ-kot′ŏ-mē, dū-) [duodeno- + choledochotomy] Surgical incision of the duodenum and the common bile duct.



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