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(dē-tĕm′ĭ-nănt) [L. determinare, to limit] That which determines the character of something.

determinant of health

(dē-tĕrm′ĭ-nănt) Any of the factors affecting the health status of both individuals and larger groups. According to the World Health Organization, they are the conditions in which people are born, grow up, live, work, and age. These factors are determined by the distribution of money, resources, and power at local, national, and global levels and include public policy, living and working conditions, distribution of income, and quality and distribution of health services, but exclude factors such as individual behavior and genetics.


[L. determinatus, limiting] The establishing of the nature or precise identity of a substance, organism, or event.


(dē-tĕr′mĭ-nizm) The theory that all human action is the result of predetermined and inevitable physical, psychological, or environmental conditions uninfluenced by personal choices or random events.

psychic d. The theory that mental processes are determined by conscious or unconscious motives and are never irrelevant.

deterministic effect

(dē-tĕr″mĭ-nis′tik) An effect that has a threshold of chemical or radiation exposure below which are no measurable effects and above which the severity is dose-related.


(dē-tĕr′ĕnt) [L. deterrere, to frighten away, deter] 1. Pert. to an agent that inhibits or prevents the action of another agent. 2. An agent that inhibits or prevents the action of another agent.


(dē-tor′shŭn) 1. Surgical therapy for torsion of a testicle, ureter, or volvulus of the bowel. 2. Correction of any bodily curvature or deformity.


(dē′tŏks) Colloquial term for detoxification.


(dē-tŏk′sĭ-kĭnt) [″ + ″] Any agent, e.g., activated charcoal, that removes toxins from the body.


(dē-tŏk″sĭ-fĭ-kā′shŭn) [″ + ″ + L. facere, to make] 1. Reduction of the toxic properties of a poisonous substance. SEE: biotransformation. 2. The process of removing the physiological effects of a drug or substance from an affected individual.


(dē-tok′sĭ-fī″) 1. To remove the toxic quality of a substance. 2. To treat an overdose of any medicine. 3. To provide treatment for chronic alcoholism or drug addiction.


(dĭ-trī′tŭs) [L., to rub away] Any broken-down, degenerative, or carious matter produced by disintegration.

detrusor hyperactivity with impaired contractility

ABBR: DHIC. Detrusor instability.

detrusor overactivity

Detrusor instability.


(dē″tū-mĕs′ĕns) [L. de, down, + tumescere, to swell] 1. Subsidence ...

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