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(dē-sel′) A colloquial term for deceleration of the fetal heart rate.


(dē-sĕl″ĕ-rā′shŭn) 1. A rapid decrease in velocity. 2. A fall in the baseline fetal heart rate as recorded by the fetal monitor.

Early deceleration coincides with uterine contractions and reflects the fetal vagal response to head compression during these contractions. Normal baseline variability is evident throughout the interval between uterine contractions. Late deceleration occurs after contraction and reflects insufficient blood flow through the intervillous spaces of the placenta. Variable deceleration does not occur at any consistent point during contractions. The monitor record also exhibits different degrees and shapes. Variable deceleration indicates interference with blood flow through the umbilical vessels caused by cord compression. SEE: fetal distress.


(dĭ-sĕn′ē-ĭl) [L. decennium, period of ten years] Occurring every tenth year. Some booster vaccinations, e.g., against tetanus and diphtheria, were traditionally administered one decade after the prior dose.


(dē-sĕr′ĕ-brāt) [″ + cerebrum, brain] 1. To eliminate cerebral function by decerebration. 2. A person or animal who has been subjected to decerebration.


(dē-sĕr-ĕ-brā′shŭn) Removal of the brain or cutting of the spinal cord at the level of the brainstem. SEE: pithing.


(dē-klōr″ĭ-nā′shŏn) [″ + Gr. chloros, green] Reduction in the amount of chlorides in the body by reduction of or withdrawal of salt in the diet.


[L. decimus, tenth] In the Système International d′Unités (SI system), a prefix meaning one tenth.


(dĕs′ĭ-bĕl) [L. decimus, tenth, + bel, unit of sound] ABBR: dB. A unit for expressing logarithmically the pressure or power (and thus degree of intensity or loudness) of sound. The dB is a tenth of a bel.


(dē-sīd″ŏ-fō′bē-ă) [decide + -phobia] A phobia of making a decision.


(di-sij′oo-ă, di-sij′oo-ē″) pl. deciduae [L. deciduus, falling off] The endometrium or lining of the uterus and the tissue around the ectopically located fertilized ovum, e.g., in the fallopian tube or peritoneal cavity. The decidua has an interior compact layer and a surface spongy layer. The vasculature, glands, and interstitial cells of the endometrium undergo marked hypertrophy during pregnancy. decidual (di-sij′oo-ăl), adj.

d. basalis The part of the decidua that unites with the chorion to form the placenta. SYN: d. serotina.

d. capsularis The part of the decidua that surrounds the chorionic sac.


(di-sij″oo-ō′mă) [decidua + -oma] 1. A uterine tumor composed of chorionic membranes or decidual tissue that remain in the uterus ...

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