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(sī″klō-hĕks′ă-mīd) A cytotoxic protein that inhibits the synthesis of proteins by cells.


(sī′kloyd) [″ + eidos, form, shape] 1. Resembling a circle. 2. Denoting a ring of atoms. 3. Extreme variations of mood from elation to melancholia.


(sī″klō-kĕr-ă-tī′tĭs) [″ + keras, cornea, + itis, inflammation] Keratouveitis.


(sī″klō-ok′sĭ-jĭ-nās″) [cyclo- + oxygenase] ABBR: COX. Any of several enzymes, e.g., COX-1, COX-2, that make prostaglandins from arachidonic acids. They play a central role in inflammatory diseases, blood clotting, pain, and cellular proliferation. SYN: prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase.


(sī″klō-for′ē-ă) [cyclo- + -phoria] Deviation of the eye around its anteroposterior axis due to weakness of the oblique muscles. SYN: declination.


(sī-klō′pē-ă) [Gr. kyklos, circle, + ops, eye] The condition of having a single eye.


(sī″klō-plē′jē-ă) [″ + plege, a stroke] Paralysis of the ciliary muscle. This can be an anticholinergic side effect of antipsychotic or antidepressant medications.


(sī′klŏps) A fetal malformation in which there is only one eye. SYN: monoculus (2).


(sī-klō′sĭs) [Gr. kyklosis, circulation] A streaming of cytoplasm within a cell.


(sī″klō-spŏr-ī′ă-sĭs) [Genus name + ″] Infection with any species of Cyclospora.


(sī-klŏt′ō-mē) [″ + tome, incision] Surgical incision of the ciliary muscle of the eye.


(sī′klō-trŏn) A particle accelerator in which the particle is rotated between magnets, gaining speed with each rotation.


(sī″klō-trō′pē-ă) Manifest cyclophoria.


(sī-ē′sĭs) [Gr. kyesis] Pregnancy.


(sĭl′ĭn-dĕr) [Gr. kylindros] 1. A hollow, tubular body. 2. In optometry, the power of a lens to correct for an astigmatic defect in vision. SYN: optometric cylinder.

axis c. Axon (2).

crossed c. Two cylindrical lenses at right angles to each other; used in diagnosing astigmatism.

extension c. A hollow tube attached to the end of the collimator apparatus of an x-ray tube. It limits the size of the beam, decreasing scatter radiation and increasing detail.

gas c. A high-pressure, nonreactive, seamless tempered steel container for compressed gas used for medical, therapeutic, or diagnostic purposes.

optometric c. Cylinder (2).

urinary c. An obsolete term for urinary casts.


(sĭ-lĭn″drō-ăd″ē-nō′ mă) [Gr. kylindros,...

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