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(kor′pŭs-ĕl) [L. corpusculum, little body] 1. Any small rounded body. 2. An encapsulated sensory nerve ending. 3. A blood cell. corpuscular (kor-pŭs′kyŭ-lăr), adj.

blood c. An erythrocyte or leukocyte.

bone c. Bone cell.

cancroid c. The characteristic nodule in cutaneous epithelioma.

cartilage c. Chondrocyte.

chromophil c. Nissl body.

chyle c. A corpuscle seen in chyle.

colloid c. Corpus amylaceum.

colostrum c. A cell containing phagocytosed fat globules, present in milk secreted the first few days after parturition.

corneal c. A type of connective tissue cell found in the fibrous tissue of the cornea.

genital c. An encapsulated sensory nerve ending resembling a pacinian corpuscle that is found in the skin of the external genitalia and nipples.

Gierke c. Hassall corpuscle.

Golgi-Mazzoni c. SEE: Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscle.

Hassall c. SEE: Hassall corpuscle.

Krause c. SEE: Krause's corpuscle.

lymph c. Lymphocyte.

malpighian c. 1. Renal corpuscle. 2. A malpighian body of the spleen.

Mazzoni c. SEE: Krause corpuscle.

Meissner c. SEE: Meissner corpuscle.

milk c. A fat-filled globule present in milk. It represents the distal end of a mammary gland cell broken off in apocrine secretion.

pacinian c. An encapsulated nerve ending found in the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and other connective tissue membranes; it is a sensory receptor for pressure.

Purkinje c. SEE: Purkinje cell.

red c. Erythrocyte.

red blood c. Erythrocyte.

renal c. A glomerulus and Bowman's capsule of the nephron of a kidney, the site of glomerular filtration. SYN: malpighian c. (1). SEE: illus.





reticulated c. An obsolete term for reticulocyte. SEE: reticulocyte.

Ruffini c. SEE: under Ruffini, Angelo.

splenic c. A nodule of lymphatic tissue in the spleen.

tactile c. A sensory receptor that responds to touch, e.g., Meissner corpuscle. Tactile corpuscles are located in the dermal papillae just beneath the epidermis and are most numerous on the fingertips, toes, soles, palms, lips, nipples, and tip of the tongue.

terminal c. A nerve ending.

white c. Leukocyte.

white blood c. Leukocyte.


(kor-pŭs′kū-lăr) Pert. to corpuscles.

correctable visual acuity impairment

SEE: under impairment.

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