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A visit to a health care provider for health maintenance or for a history and a physical examination.

check valve

SEE: under valve.

Chédiak-Higashi syndrome

(shē′dē-ăk-hē-gă′shē) [M. Chédiak and O. Higashi, contemporary French and Japanese physicians, respectively] A lethal metabolic disorder, inherited as an autosomal recessive trait, in which neutrophils contain peroxidase-positive inclusion bodies. Partial albinism, photophobia, and pale optic fundi are clinical features. Children usually die by 5 to 10 years of age of a lymphoma-like disease.


[AS. ceace] 1. The side of the face forming the lateral wall of the mouth below the eye. SYN: bucca. 2. The buttock.


(chēk′bōn″) Zygomatic bone.


(chēk′ing) A colloquial term for concealing a medication in the mouth, i.e., between the teeth and the cheek, in order to avoid swallowing it.

cheek retractor

SEE: under retractor.


(kī-lĕk′tō-mē) [Gr. cheilos, lip, + ektome, excision] 1. Surgical removal of abnormal bone around a joint to facilitate joint mobility. 2. Surgical removal of a lip.


(kī″lĕk-trō′pē-ŏn) [″ + ektrope, a turning aside] Eversion of the lip.

cheilitis, chelitis, chilitis

(kī-līt′ĭs) [chilo- + -itis] Inflammation or chapping of the lips, esp. at their corners. This condition may be caused by exposure to sun, wind, or other elements or it may result from habitual lip licking. SYN: angular c.

actinic c. Solar c.

angular c. Cheilitis.

solar c. Precancerous damage to the lips (primarily the lower lip) due to excessive exposure to the sun. SYN: actinic c.

c. venenata Dermatitis of the lips resulting from chemical irritants in lipsticks, lip cream, and various other materials.

cheilo-, cheil-

SEE: chilo-.


(kī″lō-plas″tē) [cheilo- + -plasty] Plastic surgery on the lips, e.g. to repair a cleft lip or an injury. SYN: labioplasty (1).


(kī-lor′ă-fē) [″ + rhaphe, seam, ridge] Surgical repair of a cleft lip.


(kī-lŏs′kĭ-sĭs) [″ + schisis, a splitting] Cleft lip.

cheilosis, chelosis

(kī-lō′sĭs) [cheilo- + -osis] angular cheilosis.


(kī″lō-stō-măt′ō-plăs″tē) [″ + stoma, mouth, + plassein, to form] Plastic surgery and restoration of the mouth.



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