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castor oil

(kăs′tĕr oyl) SEE: under oil.


(kas′trāt″) [L. castrare, to prune] 1. To remove the testicles or ovaries. SEE: spay. 2. To render an individual incapable of reproduction. 3. To deprive an individual of sex hormones by medical means, esp. in the treatment of hormone-sensitive illnesses. 4. One who has been rendered incapable of reproduction.


(kăs′trāt-ĕd) Rendered incapable of reproduction by removal of the testicles or ovaries.


(kas-trā′shŏn) [L. castratio, emasculation, gelding] 1. Excision of the testicles or ovaries. 2. Destruction or inactivation of the gonads.

chemical c. The use of medications, such as gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists to inhibit the production of sex hormones. SYN: medical castration.

female c. Removal of the ovaries. SYN: oophorectomy; spaying.

male c. Removal of the testes. SYN: orchiectomy.

medical c. Chemical c.

parasitic c. Destruction of the gonads by parasitic organisms early in life. It may result from direct infestation of the gonad or indirectly from effects of infestation in other parts of the body.


(ka′zhĕl-tē) [L. casualis, accidental] 1. An accident causing injury or death. 2. A person injured or killed in an accident or preventable traumatic event. 3. A military person captured, missing, injured, or killed.


(kazh-ŭ-is′tĭiks) [L. casus, chance] 1. Analysis of clinical case records to establish the general characteristics of a disease. 2. In moral questions, the determination of right and wrong by application of ethical principles to a particular case.



cata-, cat-, cath-, kata-, kat-

[Gr. kata, down, against, according to] Prefix meaning down, downward, destructive, or against.


(kă-tăb′ō-lĭn) Interleukin-1– beta.


(kă-tab′ŏ-lĭzm) [Gr. katabolē, a casting down + -ism] The destructive phase of metabolism. It includes all the processes in which complex substances are converted into simpler ones, often with the release of energy, and cell respiration for the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) SYN: destructive metabolism. SEE: anabolism; metabolism. catabolic (kat″ă-bol′ik), adj.


(kă-tăb′ō-līt) Any product of catabolism.


(kăt″ă-krŏt′ĭk) [″ + krotos, beat] Indicating the downstroke of pulse tracing interrupted by an upstroke.


(kă-tăk′rō-tĭzm) [″ + ″ + -ismos, condition] A pulse with one or more secondary expansions of the artery following the main beat.



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