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(kăr″dē-ō-prō-tĕk′tĭv) [Gr. kardia, heart, + L. protectus, shielding] Capable of shielding the heart from damage caused by, e.g., electrolyte disturbances, infections, ischemia, or toxins.


(kăr″dē-ŏp-tō′sĭs) [″ + ptosis, a dropping] Prolapse of the heart.


(kăr″dē-ō-pŭl′mō-nĕr-ē) [″ + L. pulmo, lung] Pert. to the heart and lungs.

cardiopulmonary arrest

SEE: under arrest.


(kăr″dē-ō-pŭnk′chŭr) [″ + L. punctura, piercing] Surgical incision or puncture of the heart. SYN: cardiocentesis.


(kăr″dē-ō-pī-lor′ĭk) [″ + pyloros, gatekeeper] Pert. to the cardiac and pyloric ends of the stomach.


(kard″ē-ō-rēn′ăl) [cardio- + renal] Pert. to both the heart and the kidneys.

cardiorenal syndrome, acute cardiorenal syndrome

(kard″ē-ō-rēn′ăl) Injury to the kidneys resulting from insufficient blood flow in patients with heart failure.


(kăr″dē-or′ă-fē) [″ + rhaphe, seam, ridge] Suturing of the heart muscle.


(kăr″dē-ō-rĕk′sĭs) [″ + rhexis, rupture] Rupture of the heart.


(kăr″dē-ō-sklĕ-rō′sĭs) [″ + sklerosis, hardening] Hardening of the cardiac tissues and arteries.


(kard″ē-ō-sĕ″lek″tiv′ĭt-ē) [cardio- + L. seligere, to separate, select] A stronger action on receptors in the heart than on those in the lungs. It is said of beta-adrenergic blocking agents that selectively block beta-1 receptors and thus do not cause bronchospasm.

PATIENT CARE: Patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should avoid high doses of nonselective beta-adrenergic drugs (beta blockers) because they can cause wheezing and shortness of breath. Patients with mild or moderate obstructive lung disease can safely use cardioselective beta blockers. SEE: beta-adrenergic blocking agent. cardioselective (kard″ē-ō-sĕ″lĕk′tĭv), adj.


(kard′ē-ŏ-spazm) [cardio- + spasm] Achalasia.


(kăr″dē-ō-tăk-ŏm′ĕ-tĕr) [Gr. kardia, heart, + tachos, speed, + metron, measure] An instrument for measuring the heart rate over a long period.


(kăr″dē-ō-thĕr′ă-pē) [″ + therapeia, treatment] The treatment of cardiac diseases.

cardiothoracic ratio

(kăr″dē-ō-thō-răs′ĭk) [″ + ″] The relation of the overall diameter of the heart to the widest part of the inside of the thoracic cavity. Usually the heart's diameter is half or less than half that of the thoracic cavity.


(kăr″dē-ō-thī″rō-tŏk″sĭ-kō′sĭs) [″ + thyreos, shield, + toxikon, poison, + osis, condition] Heart disease due to hyperthyroidism.



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