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(kă-lor″ĭ-fā′shĕnt) [L. calor, heat, + faciens, making] 1. Producing heat. 2. A food that is calorically rich.


(kăl″ō-rĭf′ĭk) Producing heat.


(kă-lor″ĭ-jĕn′ĭk) [″ + Gr. gennan, to produce] Pert. to the production of heat or energy.


(kăl″ō-rĭm′ĕ-tĕr) [″ + Gr. metron, measure] An instrument for determining the amount of heat exchanged in a chemical reaction or by the animal body under specific conditions.

bomb c. An apparatus for determining potential food energy. Heat produced in combustion is measured by the amount of heat absorbed by a known quantity of water in which the calorimeter is immersed.

respiration c. An apparatus for measuring heat produced from exchange of respiratory gases.


(kăl″ō-rĭm′ĕ-trē) Measurement of quantities of heat.


(kal-pō′nĭn) A smooth-muscle binding protein. It is used in immunohistochemistry to identify tumors that contain myoepithelial cells, and it regulates the contraction of smooth muscle.


(kal″prŏ-tek′tĭn) A water-soluble, calcium- and zinc-binding 36.5 kD protein found in the cytosol of neutrophils. Laboratory assays that detect fecal calprotectin (FC) are used as screening tests for colorectal cancer, diverticulitis, dysentery, and inflammatory bowel diseases. FC levels are not elevated in patients with functional or noninflammatory bowel disorders.


(kal-ret′ĭn-ĭn) A calcium-binding protein used in immunohistochemical studies to identify the presence of neuronal cells or several specific tumors, e.g., malignant mesotheliomas.


(kăl-sĕ-kwĕs′trĭn) A protein in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of muscle cells that regulates the concentration of calcium ions.


(kăl-vā′rē-ă) [L., skull] The domelike superior portion of the cranium, composed of the superior portions of the frontal, parietal, and occipital bones. SYN: skullcap.


(kal-var′ē-ŭm, kal-var′ē-ă) pl. calvaria [L. calvaria, (human) skull] The part of the skull that includes the occipital bone; the parietal, sphenoid and temporal bones; and the frontal bone but does not include the facial or jaw bones. SYN: skull cap.


(kălks) [L.] 1. Lime. 2. Heel.


(kā′lĭ-sēz″) Pl. of calyx.


(kă-lĭs′ĭ-form) [Gr. kalyx, cup of a flower, + L. forma, shape] Cup-shaped.

Calymmatobacterium granulomatis

(kă-lĭm″mă-tō-băk-tē′rē-ŭm) SEE: under Klebsiella.


(kā′lĭx) pl. calyces [L. calyx, stem calyc-, fr. Gr. kalyx stem kalyk- , shell, husk, cup of a flower, goblet] 1. A cup-like organ or cavity. 2....

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