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(boo-, bool-yŏn′) [Fr.] A clear broth made from meat or vegetables. It may be used as a culture medium for bacteria.

Bouin fluid

(boo-an′, bwon) [Paul Bouin, Fr. anatomist, 1870–1962] A fixative for embryological and histological tissue. It consists of formaldehyde, glacial acetic acid, picric acid, and water.


(bownd) 1. In chemistry, the holding in combination of one molecule by another. SEE: bind (2). 2. Contained, not free.


(boo-kā′) [Fr., nosegay] A cluster or bunch of structures, esp. blood vessels.

Bourneville disease

Tuberous sclerosis.


(boo-tŏn-yār′) [Fr., buttonhole] A surgically produced or spontaneously occurring buttonhole-like opening in a structure, such as a membrane or tendon.

bouton terminal, terminal bouton

(boo-ton′ter-mi-nal′, boo-ton′ter-mi-nō′) pl. boutons terminaux [Fr. bouton terminal, terminal button] End foot.

Bouveret syndrome

(boo-vrā′) [Leon Bouveret, French internist, 1850–1929] Gastric outlet obstruction resulting from impaction of a gallstone in the duodenum.


(bō′vīn) [L. bovinus] Pert. to cattle; derived from cattle.

bovine somatotropin A

ABBR: BST A. A growth hormone used to increase milk production in cows.


(bow′ĕl) [O. Fr. boel, intestine] Intestine.

bowel bypass syndrome

A febrile illness occurring after intestinal bypass surgery for morbidly obese patients. Affected patients typically report aching joints and muscles, and have pustules and papules on the arms, legs, and or chest.

bowel rest

The intentional restriction of oral nutrition, typically used with other therapies for patients with gastrointestinal diseases such as bowel obstruction, ileus, pancreatitis, or acute abdomen.

bowel sounds

SEE: under sound.

bowel training

SEE: under training.


(bō′leg″) Valgus knee.

Bowman, Sir William

(bō′măn) Brit. anatomist, physiologist, and ophthalmologist, 1816–1892.

B.'s capsule Part of the renal corpuscle. It consists of a visceral layer of podocytes closely applied to the glomerulus and an outer parietal layer. SYN: glomerular capsule. SEE: kidney for illus.

B.'s membrane The thin homogeneous membrane separating the corneal epithelium from the corneal substance. SYN: anterior elastic lamina; Bowman lamina.

box and block test

A standardized, timed test of manual dexterity and endurance, used in rehabilitation, in which the subject transfers small blocks from one side ...

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