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[Fm. barb(iturate)] Suffix used in pharmacology to name a barbiturate.


(bar-bich′ŭ –rāt″) [barbitur(ic) + -ate] Any of a group of organic compounds derived from barbituric acid (such as amobarbital, phenobarbital, secobarbital) that are used to treat and prevent convulsions, relieve anxiety, or aid sleep. Side effects include drowsiness, depressed respirations, decreased blood pressure, and decreased body temperature. These drugs can also cause tolerance and dependence.


(băr-bō-tŏzh′) [Fr. barboter, to dabble] Repeated injection and withdrawal of fluid, as in gastric lavage, or the administration of an anesthetic into the subarachnoid space by alternate injection of anesthetic and withdrawal of cerebrospinal fluid into the syringe.

barbula hirci

(băr′bū-lă hĭr′sī) [L. barbula, little beard, + hircus, goat] 1. Hairs present on the ears. 2. Axillary hair.

bar code

SEE: under code.

bar code-enabled point of care technology

ABBR: BPOC. A form of keyless data entry that facilitates automatic identification and collection of data and allows real-time confirmation of patient identity, medication taken, and dosage, time, and route of administration of the medication.


(băr-ĕs-thē′zē-ă) [Gr. baros, weight, + aisthesis, sensation] A sense or perception of pressure.


(băr″ē-ă′trĭks) [″ + iatrike, medical treatment] The branch of medicine that deals with prevention, control, and treatment of obesity.

bariatric seating

A seating device to accommodate patients who weigh more than standard chairs are engineered to support, e.g. patients who weigh more than 600 pounds.


(bă-rĭs′ĭ-tĭ) The relative pressure, density, or concentration of a gas or a solution. Hyperbaric solutions have an increased density relative to a reference substance, e.g., hyperbaric oxygen has a greater oxygen concentration than the air we normally breathe. Hypobaric solutions are less concentrated than a reference solution, e.g., an injected drug can be made hypobaric relative to serum or plasma by diluting it with sterile water.


(bar′ē-ŭm) SYMB: Ba. A soft metallic element of the alkaline earth group, atomic weight (mass) 137.373, atomic number 56. Barium is used as an intraluminal contrast agent in gastrointestinal radiography.

b. sulfate BaSO4, a radiopaque contrast medium used in radiographic studies of the gastrointestinal tract. SYN: barite.

barium compounds

SEE: under compound.

barium meal

The ingestion of barium sulfate to outline the esophagus, stomach, and small intestines during x-ray or fluoroscopic examination. The exam may be used as an alternative to endoscopy to ...

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