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(as-trog′lē-ă, as″trŏ-glī′ă) [astro + glia] Astrocytes. astroglial (-ăl), adj.


(ă-strog″lē-op′ă-thē) [astroglia + -pathy] A disease that affects the function or structure of astroglial cells.


(ă-strog″lē-ō′sĭs) [astroglia + -osis] The hypertrophy and proliferation of astrocytes in damaged or diseased parts of the central nervous system. SEE: astrocyte.


(as″trŏ-vēr′ĭ′dē) [astrovir(us) + -idea] A family of spherical or star-shaped, single-stranded RNA viruses distributed worldwide. The virus causes epidemic viral gastroenteritis in adults and children. The incubation period has been estimated to be 3 to 4 days. The outbreaks are self-limiting and in the absence of coexisting pathogens, the intestinal signs and symptoms last 5 days or less. Treatment, if required, is supportive and directed to maintaining hydration and electrolyte balance.


(as′trŏ-vī″rŭs) [astro- + virus] A member of the single genus of the virus family Astroviridae. They are an important cause of gastrointestinal illnesses and diarrhea, esp. in children. Clinical symptoms include anorexia, headache, fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. SYN: human astrovirus.


(ā″sim-bō′lē-ă) [1an- + symbolon, a token, sign + -ia] Inability to comprehend words, gestures, or symbols that were formerly understood. SYN: asemia. SEE: aphasia.

asymmetrical dimethylarginine

(dī″meth″ĭl-ar′jĭ-nēn″) An endogenous inhibitor of nitric acid synthase, an enzyme found in endothelial cells. Its concentration is elevated in patients with chronic kidney disease. It has been proposed as a biomarker of and risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

asymmetric cell division

Cell division in which the daughter cells have differing quantities of cytoplasm.


(ā″-sim′ĕ-trē) [1an- + symmetry] Lack of symmetry. asymmetric, asymmetrical (ā″sĭ-me′trik, ā″sĭ-me′tri-kăl), adj. asymmetrically (ā″sĭ-me′tri-k(ă-)lē), adv.


(ā″simp-tŏ-mat′ik) [1an- + symptomatic] ABBR: asx. Without symptoms. asymptomatically (-k(ă-)lē), adv.


(ā″sing′krŏ-nizm) [1an- + synchronism] 1. The failure of events to occur in time with each other as they usually do. 2. Incoordination. asynchronous (-nŭs), adj.


(ā″sin′klĭ-tizm, sing′) [1an- + synclitism] An oblique presentation of the fetal head in labor. SEE: presentation for illus.

anterior a. Anterior parietal presentation. SYN: Naegele's obliquity.

posterior a. Posterior parietal presentation. SYN: Litzmann's obliquity.

asynergia, asynergy

(ā″sĭ-nĕr′j(ē-)ă, ā″sin′ĕr-jē) [1an- + synergy] Lack of coordination among parts or organs normally acting ...

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