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(ā″rī″bŏ-flā″vĭ-nō′sĭs) [1an- + riboflavin + -osis] Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) deficiency. Symptoms include lesions on the lips, stomatitis, and later, fissures in the angles of the mouth, seborrhea around the nose, and vascularization of the cornea.


An atypical antipsychotic medication to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Tourette syndrome, and irritability associated with autism. It should not be used to manage behavior in older people with dementia. Its trade name is Abilify.


(a-ris″tŏ-lō′kē-ă) [L. aristolochia fr Gr. aristolocheia, birthwort] A large genus of over 500 plants, from a number of which derivatives are promoted as dietary supplements, e.g., A. manshuriensis (or Manchuriensis), guan-mutong (kan-mokutsu); and A. serpentaria, Virginia snakeroot. Compounds derived from Aristolochia species cause fibrosis (scarring) of the kidneys and cancers of the urinary tract. SEE: Balkan endemic nephropathy; Chinese herb nephropathy; mu tong.


(arm) 1. In anatomy, the upper extremity from shoulder to elbow. In ordinary usage, arm means the entire upper extremity, from shoulder to hand. SEE: illus. 2. In clinical experimentation or research science, a treatment protocol in which subjects are enrolled. 3. In research on a therapeutic agent, one of several possible interventions. Most clinical trials include an active treatment arm, in which participants are exposed to the agent that is under study, and a placebo arm, a sham therapy used for the purpose of contrast or comparison.




Anterior and posterior views.


articulated a. A jointed instrument or positioning device used in imaging and in therapeutic procedures, as for permitting stereotactic localization of deep anatomical structures, guiding the collection of ultrasonic images, or focusing or directing laser energy.

brawny a. A hard, swollen arm caused by lymphedema after mastectomy.


(ar″mă-mĕn-tar′ē-ŭm) [L. armamentarium, armory] The total equipment of a physician or institution, such as instruments, drugs, books, and supplies.


(ar′mă-chŭr) [L. armatura, armor] 1. In biology, a structure that serves to protect or is used to attack a predator, e.g., a stinger. 2. A part of an electrical generator, consisting of a coil of insulated wire mounted around a soft iron core.

arm board

SEE: under board.

Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application

ABBR: AHLTA. The electronic health record used by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Armed Forces Radiobiological Research Institute

ABBR: AFRRI. A branch of the American government that focuses on providing national defense against a military or terrorist attack that may ...

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