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Wright stain

(rīt) [James H. Wright, U.S. pathologist, 1871–1928] A combination of eosin and methylene blue used in staining blood cells to reveal malarial parasites and to differentiate white blood cells.


(rĭng′kl) [AS. gewrinclian, to wind] 1. A crevice, furrow, or ridge in the skin. 2. To make creases or furrows, as in the skin by habitual frowning.

wrinkle test

A test of sensibility following complete transection of or damage to peripheral nerves based on the characteristic sympathetic response of skin following extended immersion in water. SEE: nerve.

Wrisberg, Heinrich August

(riz′bĕrg″, vris′berk″) Ger. anatomist, 1739–1808.

W. ganglion Cardiac ganglia.


(rist) The joint or region between the hand and the forearm. SEE: hand for illus.; skeleton.


(rist′band″) 1. A unique patient identification device secured around a patient's limb.

image To avoid patient misidentification, a wristband should include the patient's last and first name; date of birth; hospital assignment; attending physician; allergies; primary language; and, depending on the circumstances, other unique identifiers, e.g., last four digits of Social Security number, or time of birth (for newborns). Wristbands should be comfortable, tamperproof, waterproof, and difficult to alter.

2. A device secured around a patient's limb and used to identify specific patient needs, such as the patient's allergies, risk of falling, or code status.

wrist unit

A component of an upper-extremity prosthesis that attaches the terminal device to the forearm section and provides for pronation or supination.


(rīt′ing) The act of forming characters, letters, symbols, or words in order to communicate ideas.

mirror w. SEE: mirror writing.

writing therapy

Writing a journal or diary to explore and record one's feelings and thus to make progress toward desired psychological goals.

written treatment agreement

A formal contract or plan established by a health care provider and a patient, specifying the manner in which certain forms of care will be delivered. Written treatment agreements are used most often in managing prescriptions for narcotic pain relievers. SEE: drug contract.

wrongful life

Wrongful birth.


(rī′nĕk) Torticollis.




(voo″kĕr-ē′rē-ă) [Otto Wucherer, Ger. physician, 1820–1873] A genus of filarial worms of the class Nematoda, commonly found in the tropics.

W. bancrofti A species that causes elephantiasis. Adults of ...

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