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(ven-trik′yŭ-lăr) [L. ventriculus, a little belly] Pert. to a ventricle.

ventricular assist pumping

Use of a device to temporarily replace the pumping action of a diseased or nonfunctioning heart. SEE: intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation.

ventricular preexcitation

(prē″ek″sī-tā′shŏn) Premature depolarization of ventricular muscle (in the heart) by an impulse that conducts along a path other than through the atrioventricular node. This produces a short P-R interval. SEE: Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

ventricular remodeling

Reshaping of heart muscle in response to injuries such as myocardial infarction, overload (hypertension), or valvular heart disease such as aortic stenosis or mitral regurgitation. Cardiac hypertrophy, fibrosis, and myocyte death are all potential consequences.


(ven-trik″yŭ-līt′ĭs) [ventriculus + -itis] Inflammation of a ventricle.


(ven-trik′yŭ-lŏ-gram″) [ventriculus + -gram] 1. A radiograph of the cerebral ventricles. 2. An image of the cardiac ventricles, used to estimate ejection fraction and assess wall motion.


(ven-trik″yŭ-log′ră-fē) [ventriculus + -graphy] 1. An obsolete technique for visualizing the brain radiographically, that relied on the injection of air into the cerebrospinal fluid. It has been replaced by CT and MRI scans of the brain. 2. Radiographic visualization of the ventricles of the heart after injection of a radiologic contrast or a radionuclide.


(ven-trik″yŭ-lö-meg′ă-lē) [ventriculus + -megaly] Enlargement of the ventricles of the brain.


(ven-trik″yū-lō-per″ĭtōnē′ăl) [ventriculus + peritoneal] Pert. to the peritoneum and the ventricles of the brain.

ventriculoperitoneal shunt

(ven-trik″yŭ-lō-per″ĭtō-nē′ăl) ABBR: VPS. A shunt connecting the ventricles of the brain to the peritoneum, used to treat hydrocephalus.


(ven-trik″yŭ-los′tŏ-mē) [ventriculus + -stomy] Plastic surgery to establish communication between the floor of the third ventricle of the brain and the cisterna interpeduncularis. This is done to treat hydrocephalus.


(ven-trik″yŭ-lot′ŏ-mē) [ventriculus + -tomy] Surgical incision of a ventricle.


(ven-trik′yŭ-lŭs) [L. ventriculus, a little belly, ventricle] 1. Ventricle. 2. Stomach. 3. A ventricle of the brain or heart.

terminal ventricle.

ventro-, ventr-, ventri-

[L. venter, stem ventr-, womb, belly] Prefixes meaning abdomen or ventral (anterior).


(ven″trō-dor′săl) [ventro- + dorsal] In a direction from the front to the back.


(ven″trō lat′ĕ-răl) [ventro- + lateral] Both ventral and ...

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