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vena caval syndrome

(vē′nă kā′văl) Supine hypotensive syndrome.


(vē″nă-kav-og′ră-fē) [vena cava + -graphy] Radiography of the vena cava during the injection of a contrast medium.

venae comitantes

(vē″nē kō″mĭ-tăn′tēz) [L.] Two or more veins accompanying an artery. They are usually present with the deep arteries of the extremities.


(vē-nā′shŏn, ven-ā′shŏn) The distribution of veins to an organ or structure.


(ven′dŏr) [L. vendor, seller] Any person or company that designs, develops, sells, and/or supports goods or services to or for another party.


(vē″nek-tā′zē-ă, vē″nek-tā′zh(ē-)ă) [vena + ectasia] Varicosity (1).


(vĕ-nēr′) In dentistry, a man-made material, such as porcelain, that can be bonded to the surface of a tooth. It is used for cosmetic reasons.


(vĕn′ē-pŭnk″chūr) [L. vena, vein, + punctura, a point] Venipuncture.


(vē-nē′rē-ăl) [L. venereus] Pert. to or resulting from sexual intercourse.

venereal disease

SEE: sexually transmitted disease.


(vē-nēr″ē-ŏl′ō-jĭst) [″ + Gr. logos, word, reason] A doctor who specializes in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.


(vē-nēr″ē-ŏl′ō-jē) The scientific study and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.


(vĕn″ĕ-sĕk′shŭn) [L. vena, vein, + sectio, a cutting] Surgical opening of a vein for withdrawal of blood. SYN: phlebotomy.

venin, venene

(ven′ĭn, ve″nēn′) [ven(om) + -in] [L. venenum, poison] Any of the toxic substances in snake venom.


(vĕn′ĭ-pŭnk″chūr) [L. vena, vein, + punctura, a point] Puncture of a vein, typically to obtain a specimen of blood. The pain of venipuncture may be diminished by several methods, including application of cold to the area just prior to the puncture; injection of sterile, normal saline intracutaneously to produce blanching of the site; and use of a local anesthetic to produce a wheal at the site. SEE: intravenous infusion; illus.




Antecubital area of arm showing proper veins for venipuncture



(vĕn′ĭ-sū″chūr) [″ + sutura, a seam] Suture of a vein. SYN: phleborrhaphy.


(vĕn-lă-făk′sēn″) An antidepressant that works by inhibiting serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake, thereby improving mood.

veno-, ven-, veni-

[L. vena,...

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