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(an″yŭ-riz-mek′tŏ-mē) [aneurysm + -ectomy] Surgical removal of the sac of an aneurysm.


American Nurses Foundation.

angel dust

SEE: phencyclidine hydrochloride.

Angelica sinensis

(an-jel′ĭ-kă sī-nen′sĭs) [L. Angelica sinensis, Chinese angelic (plant)] SEE: dong quai.

Angelman syndrome

(ān′jĕl-măn, ăn′) [Harry Angelman, Brit. pediatrician, 1915–1996] A rare genetic condition marked by severe mental retardation, microcephaly, and paroxysms of laughter. It is due to an abnormal chromosome 15 of maternal origin. SEE: Prader-Willi syndrome.

angel's trumpet

Datura ruaveolens, a flowering shrub native to the southeastern U.S. Portions of the plant are used for hallucinogenic effects. The flowers are made into a stew or tea, and the leaves are eaten. The flowers contain large quantities of the alkaloids atropine, hyoscyamine, and hyoscine. Ingestion of the plant produces intense thirst, visual disturbances, flushing, central nervous system hyperexcitability, sensory flooding, delirium, and paranoia. This is followed by hyperthermia, tachycardia, hypertension, visual hallucinations, disturbed consciousness, clonus, and subsequent convulsions. If the condition is untreated, death may occur.

TREATMENT: Treatment consists of gastric lavage, followed by 1 to 4 mg of intravenous physostigmine sulfate. This dosage should reverse the acute delirious state in 1 to 2 hr, but it may need to be repeated several times.

Angelucci syndrome

(an″jĕ-loo′chē) [Arnaldo Angelucci, Italian ophthalmologist, 1854–1934] Psychological excitement, palpitations, and vasomotor disturbances associated with vernal conjunctivitis.


(ang′gĕr) Extreme displeasure or exasperation in reaction to a person, a situation, or an object. Anger is instrumental in mobilizing and enhancing the ability to respond to adverse situations; for that reason, it may be essential to survival in some situations. Occasionally, anger may be a reaction to disease or dying and may be directed toward friends or family and those responsible for a patient's medical care.


(an″jē-īt′ĭs) [angio- + -itis] Vasculitis.


(an-jī′nă, an′jĭ-nă) [L. angina, quinsy, fr. angere, to choke] 1. Angina pectoris. 2. Acute sore throat. anginal (an-jī′năl, an′jĭ-năl), adj.

abdominal a. Abdominal pain that occurs after meals, caused by insufficient blood flow to the mesenteric arteries. This symptom typically occurs in patients with extensive atherosclerotic vascular disease and is often associated with significant weight loss. SYN: intestinal angina; bowel ischemia.

PATIENT CARE: Abdominal angina often reflects generalized atherosclerosis; therefore, patients who smoke should be helped to quit. Surgical intervention includes angioplasty and partial colectomy, (removing the ischemic section of the bowel and reconnecting the remaining ends). It may be necessary to create a ...

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